Obama's Administration in Panic

Discussion in 'US' started by Phil306, Sep 6, 2010.

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  1. Phil, the article rings very true to me. I am from Massachusetts, a very Dem. state. My congressman is stepping down and the race is very active here. Neither of the two Dems are listing party on their signs, ads, etc. Most radio ads never mention the party affiliation.

    I was chatting recently with a couple of black cops from Cambridge, MA. Neither will vote for Obama again. Why? Two officers (one black, one white) were called stupid on national TV for arresting a friend of the president. The president's friend has forced the stuck door on his rented home and a passerby reported a possible break-in. The officers followed procedure and asked to see some official ID and the man refused to show any official ID producing only other ID and made a huge scene and got arrested while screaming that both officers were racist. They were following department procedure. When I tripped the alarm at my house the officers asked me (white guy) for ID and I was happy they were doing their job. One example why people are annoyed.

    The economy has gotten worse in the last 18 months and Obama focused all of the nation's political system on his "Obamacare" program. It appears my health care will be markedly reduced under the new plan. I live in a fishing community. Due to the economy lobster prices are down, diesel fuel is higher and the cost of bait is through the roof due to new regulations from NOAA/NMFS relative to bycatch which used to get sold as bait. I was talking to a lobster skipper yesterday who laid off her sternman and is fishing solo as after buying fuel and bait she could not afford to pay him. A couple of trawler guys in town have stopped fishing for now as they had big fines for the wrong bycatch and can no longer afford fuel and crew.

    If you talk to people in Maine the situation is even worse.

    Obama is sending the country down the tubes and apparently does not have a clue as to what he is doing. Sort of sad really, I thought he had promise. I am sorry to admit it but i voted for him. As least if we get a Republican House and Senate it may rein him in and we might get the country moving again.
  2. In life: when something sounds too good to be true, it generally is.

  3. I love Obama.

    He is single handedly managing to destroy America's position at the top of the world economic pile.
    By the time he has finished bankrupting the USA with it Brown-esque economic prowess the balance of world power will be re-adjusted for the better.
  4. Says it all for me really.
    We WILL remember them.

  5. Changed for sure. For the better ? Mmmmm, we'll see. Meet the new superpower, same type of shit just a different shade. I'm not sure China will be any better ..........

  6. For all of you pro Obama Brits, his "Obamacare" is based ALOT on the MA model. Here is the problems with that model:


    5 painful health-care lessons from Massachusetts - Jun. 15, 2010

    MA is almost bankrupt, mostly to do with giving away free healthcare (read socialism) to its people. It has also cost BILLIONS of dollars more, then originally designed. Oh, sound familiar? "I can pass healthcare reform without it costing one single thin dime." Uh huh: The check is in the mail and I won't cum in your mouth.
  7. I just spent 3 weeks in the Seattle area/San Juan Islands (deep blue territory), and in southern Missouri (pretty red territory).

    The vast majority of the election signs do not mention party affiliation -- of those that did the vast majority it subtly (a little "R" or "GOP" somewhere... almost never a "D"). I saw one series of sheriff election signs openly stating "Democrat", and one SINGLE sign in Missouri stating "Republican".

    The other notable move was not necessarily to use the standard colours -- a mix of red and blue was quite common, but there were even Republicans using largely blue signs.

    In my opinion the best outcome for this November is for the GOP resoundingly to take either the house or the Senate and to cut the DNC majority in the other one down to one or 2. Reasoning: it was GOP domination of Congress from 1996 onwards that reigned in the craziness of Slick Willie and won him his 2nd term. It's amazing how the man gets credit still for the balanced budget foisted upon him by the GOP congresses.
  8. And size does'nt matter...
  9. First of all, the signs you're describing are pretty much the same for any election. The red/blue Party colours are seldom used away from TV shows and the red, white and blue schemes are the norm. It's not uncommon for candidates not to place their party affiliation on the signs either. In some local offices- the Los Angeles City Council, for example- members and candidates don't even state any party affiliation while in office.

    Secondly, get the terms right- the DNC is the Democratic National Committee, which is little more than a campaign coordination and fund-raising organisation. It has almost nothing to do with party leadership.

    Thirdly, your history of the Clinton presidency is just plain wrong. The Republicans took the House and the Senate in 1994 and proceeded to massively overplay their hand, with the House winding its neck in after the 1995 budget crisis. (Newt Gingrich throwing his teddies about in front of reporters, telling them that he had to force a shutdown of the federal government because he was made to sit at the back of Air Force One didn't help either.) Clinton had also been implementing deficit reduction measures since he came into office. Deficit reduction in the 1990s was a joint effort between the White House and Congress, aided greatly by the unexpectedly large tax revenues from the tech bubble.
  10. So who would you anti-Obama types like to see in office instead.

    Is it just him you don't like or are you harking back to the good old days under George W Bush?
  11. I'd have preferred John McCain. Obama was elected because he is a black man. Period. Not because he knew/knows what he is doing. Obama was WAY to under qualified to be president. His lack of political savvy is showing and he is suffering for it. Not just him, but liberals as a whole are suffering. The policy of tax and spend is losing. Finally, albeit slowly, the US is wakening to that fact.
  12. John McCain is now too Old, too Poisoned in the publics eyes. And enemies went after his POW years. Some even accused him of Collaboration with the Enemy, having other POWs tortured, etc. Then there was the MCCain is ineligible because he isnt Native Born routine (he was born in the Panama Canal Zone on a US Naval Air Station hospital. At this point too much baggage to be a Viable candidate.

    Giuliani isnt going to get the nod either. His personal life makes Bill Clintons look like Robert Young in Father Knows Best.
  13. Just want to point out that the first ones to do so were Karl "Turdblossom" Rove and the Bush Campaign in 2000.

    McCain lost America when he turned his back on what he actually was- which was a moderate Republican- and has now spent 4 years pandering to The Base, who still don't trust him as far as they could throw him.
  14. Goldbricker, I agree with you. He is too old now, however I was working on the fact of the election then.

    I will, however, totally disagree with you about McCain,s POW status. No one, which mattered, ever said McCain was a turncoat. In fact, he was offered early release, because his father was an Admiral and he refused.