Obama vows to hit al-Qaeda in Pakistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. Obama vows to hit al-Qa'eda in Pakistan
    Daily Telegraph
    Operation Pakistani Freedom?
  2. Thats what I'm promising in my election campaign, and you know it's got to be true then. Or am I talking shit to make me seem hard line??......
  3. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    Bob's your Uncle!
  4. Up until today I thought this fella might actually be an improvement on the current crop of US politicians.... :roll:

    To some extent I imagine he's behaving much as Brit politician would have done in the 19th century. There's a lesson there for the US - your time in the sun doesn't last forever...

  5. Does one assume he wants to Illery a Walk Over.
    Cnunt grade 1.
  6. I haven't seen this yet but I must say I'm disappointed. I too imagine he is talking tough to win political points but I'm tired of this shi'it. I would have expected that from Hillary as she wants to prove she has balls. I was hoping he would take the high road and avoid this kind of crap.
  7. I had the same notions. Whilst I sure that this latest act of bravado is supposed to entice the average American and show he's tough on al-Qa'eda , he seems to, like alot of American politicians, not understand that whilst their remarks may well be for domestic consumption those same remarks are broadcast outside of the US. It also shows a complete lack of understanding about a country's sovereignty and international law. Not that it's stopped them in the past.
  8. Obama vs Osama! You can't make that sh*t up!

    Sorry, i'm bored
  9. I agree. His was an irresponsible remark and showed a lack of understanding in diplomacy that the US really needs right now. If you think the US is myopic and introspective only now, watch what happens if Hillary ever gets in.

    Watching this run up to the election is like having 300 channels on the tele and nothing on. So many candidates and so much crap. Our choices at this point are: Would you like the brown poo, or the green poo? Or if you're a democrat, the black poo or the yellow poo.

    In the end, it's still all just a pile of excrement.
  10. Now you understand why so many of us over here in the States have been as wary of Obama as any other jackarse who's in the running for POTUS. What a plan... pull out of Iraq then invade Pakistan. Even our current administration hadn't came up with that insane contingency.
  11. BO has always had neocon instincts. The response from Hills.
  12. What the hell is Clinton on about?!

    This is ridiculous! So she's suggesting that a Nuclear device is a good tool to combat the Taliban and Terrorist threat?

    She's too mad even for the US, she needs locking up!
  13. Oh yes that will certainly end terrorism a small yield nuke dropped on them, or invade Pakistan with a U.S force, by heck i can see at one stroke thats the end of terrorism, and we will all be living in a peaceful world.

    If either of those mad plans happen, were all Fcuked, seriously fcuked
  14. She is, in the narrow context of US politics, entirely rational. If she were to say, "No I won't conduct national policy as a bout of willy-waving", she'd kiss a substantial amount of support goodbye and gift the Republicans a PR opportunity they'd be after like... well, like Halliburton after a government contract.
  15. Knob -

    a) US governments have chosen to be Cuba's enemy, not the other way around.

    b) Cuba's head of government is Raoul Castro.