Obama visiting his dying grandma’

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by ctauch, Oct 25, 2008.

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  1. So is this a stunt, not unlike McCain’s ill-fated attempt during the “economical crisis”.

    The Bama tells the world on Tuesday that his grand-mother is gravely ill, and he is rushing off to her side, suspending his campaign and what not. Goes on TV and does an interview Wednesday or Thursday and says he doesn’t want a repeat of when his Mom was dying and miss being there, and is rushing off to be with his grand-mother. Friday he does a campaign event in Indiana, and then heads off to Hawaii (8 hour flight).

    So how ill is she? Three days later and he’s not by her side. What gives?

    Seen service personnel get to the side of a dying family member quicker and they had to fly MAC and didn’t have a jet on standby.

    Then come to find out he flew without his kids and missus???? Why’s that?

    This whole thing stinks worse then Obama’s plane……..

    Bet Obama doesn't shower and scoots his arrse across the carpet to wipe......

    Wonder if this all has something to do with him failing to answer a law suit over whether he is even qualified to be President under the US Constitution?

    Sorry your Honor couldn't answer in the 30 Days as my Grandmother was ill/dying....
  2. Got any more details on this?
  3. The attorney--who graduated from some third rate law school, U of Toledo--filed the case is a well known nutjob. He's a 911 conspiracy theorist as well having an 'issue with ethics'. The same nut 'demanded' the disbarment of Supreme Court Justices Scalia, Thomas and O'Connor.

    I suspect this thing will get thrown out or might even get a rule 11 sanction on Mr Berg.


    Birth Certificate

    Native Son
  4. It's a good thing I don't post for your approval.

    This isn't about being for or against Obama's positions, it's about the merits of this particular case. The dude is a Hillary not a McCain supporter btw.

    Instead of being angry at facts and the person posting them try using what braincells you have left to deal with reality instead.

    Or go ahead and listen to a drooling moron's legal diatribe. Whatever works for you.

    This is fruit-cake territory loon fishing for nutjobs to bite. Get the hook outta your mouth.
  5. Oh Shithouse. The smell of desparation you reek off. Tell you what. That Obama guy is not what he is cracked up to be.

    (***whisper***) He has been known to shake his wang after he takes a pee!!
  6. Where's the Birth Certificate? I'm just a few years younger (7) then the Bama have mine, McCain has established his "creds" where are 'Bamas????

    Has had better part of a year to clear it up, NUTJOB, laywer or not.

    Or is it they didn't hand them out to "them" back then???
  7. I thought Berg had been exposed as a September 11th 'Troofer' and therefore none too credible?

  8. Ctauch, you have finally fcuking lost it. You truly have passed through the looking glass in into the kingdom of right wing fruitloopdom.
    As an aside though, if 'bama wins, I will offer him two crates to do his inaugural address wearing a Kheffiya. Just imagine, the right wing crazies and the Jews would go into meltdown... :D
  9. The Jews? Since self-loathing liberal Jews are Obama's most dedicated supporter's, why would he want to piss them off ? Or is that the standard British anti-semitism shining through once again?
  10. You don't think that he made the trip in order to show the marginal voters that his grandmother is white?
  11. He just wants to call his "typical white person" grandmammy a cracka one last time.
  12. Says it all really. :roll: If he gets in office we'll be joining you lot in GB in the Worker's Paradise. :( :cry:

    From each according to his ability, to each according to his need


    Hail Obama