Obama ups the ante

The US is to send another 30,000 troops to Afghanistan.

Figures like this put our effort somewhat in the shade - even if, as Mr McRuin tells us, we've got 500 Special Forces out there!

The BBC were quick to point out this morning that of our 10,000 troops only 5,000 are combatants.

Furthermore it would appear that a large chunk of the US draft is heading for Hellmand Province, currently in British control (I use the word lightly). I'm assuming it's a given that the Yanks will not accept too much command and control from such a minor player as Britain so by the same assumption, we'll be even more sucked into their ORBAT.

Recent reports of senior British officers refusing to obey American, sorry apparently that should be NATO, commands do little to engender confidence.

What is the point?

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