Obama to end military gay policy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lostnconfused, Oct 11, 2009.

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  1. Pandering, but hey what else is new.....
  2. About time. Other armies have managed and not fallen apart when gays have been able to express their sexuality, including the British Army. There are many more important issues facing soldiers than sexuality.

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  3. itl make deciding whos point man a ton easier
  4. Why is that?
  5. well no one is going to want him behind them
  6. Why not? Wouldn’t he be just as good a soldier as anyone else?
  7. im joking wheres your sense of humor?, are you a homosexual? are you gutted steven gaitleys dead?
  8. Yup, have a sense of humour, but there is an underlying trend to your posts and, it seems to me, that you don’t consider some soldiers to be the equal of others.

    Is that correct?

    Why is my sexuality important? You after something?
  9. possibly you offering? dont knock it untill youve tried it

    it doesent bother/affect me/us because guess what .........
    weve had this policy active since feck knows when
    if they can do the job and theyre keen to do the job let them do it
  10. At last, a decent statement… If anyone (not “they”) can do the job then there are no issues.

  11. Oh dear, this guy says he has a sense of humour, yet his reaction to a joke is going on a par with those islamists over those cartoons. A bit of an over reaction. Typical PC nonsense. It was a joke that even gay people would find funny...get over it muppet.
  12. You speak for gay people often do you?

    I saw it as a joke, took it as a joke and found it quite funny. Hope that's okay with you.
  13. "This"?; similar to "that"
  14. No as it happens, but anyone with common sense would know it was a joke and not melicious.

    If you saw it as a joke, found it quite funny, what was the pathetic over reaction all about then?