Obama throws Churchill's bust out of the Oval Office

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by yellowbelly, May 25, 2011.

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  1. Just heard this being talked about on Radio 2. Not so special relationship.

    President Obama
  2. There never has been a special relationship. Well, not the way everyone thinks. There is a special relationship in the form of the US takes, takes and takes. I was hoping Cameron would have done something about it, but clearly not.
  3. Nile Gardiner is particularly nasty anti-Obama rightist, beloved of Fox News. The truth is - as reported by the US press:

    "....the bust was a loaner from former British prime minister Tony Blair following the September 11 attacks. A bust of Abraham Lincoln--Obama's historical hero--now sits in its place. A White House spokesperson says the Churchill bust was removed before Obama's inauguration as part of the usual changeover operations, adding that every president puts his own stamp on the Oval Office".
  4. Fucking homo! He should have put Linda Lucardis bust in the oval office.
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  5. OH MY GOD! Quick Hypertension-man, to the outrage-mobile. Someone has moved into a new house and changed the décor.....
  6. Yup quite right we pay in cash and lives and they get cheap petrol.
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  7. well said Jarrod, I blame that homo Blair myself
  8. Wow I know the US gets blamed alot, but I didn't think the CIA was responsible for the taxes on UK "Petrol." Then again I could be wrong, it seems the US can't do anything right....it was the US who responsible for the 1st 2nd 3rd etc Crusades, Charge of the Light Brigade, Zulu Wars, Boer War, Opium War, Dieppe, Dunkirk, and of course we can't forget the Pennisular Wars...etc, etc, etc
  9. Couldn't he find a bust of Kunta Kinte?
  10. It's a statue, who cares
  11. Boots 10 letters
  12. It had to go, it was only there on loan, I think it was called the statue of limitations
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  13. Well yes, we can blame yanks for high tax on our fuel. We have to have high tax on fuel to pay for the needless wars the US has gotten us involved in.

    We can blame you for everything else, like the Cuban crisis, Vietnam, Korea, slavery (well that was the Arabs, but......meh), the new crusades (Afghan & Iraq), nicking Harrier, cold war, Aids, bad English, Opera, sending Hoff over here, Stargate etc, etc etc
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  14. Nile Gardiner’s article makes it sound like he is proud to be a lapdog and that there is no better position to be in.

    The list of so-called insults is very revealing because it says so much about how some people like him view the UK; they view it like they would like it to be, not what it’s really like and how other nations really consider it.

    There is so much frustration in a sentence like “But to suggest that Paris and not London is Washington’s strongest partner is simply ludicrous”…

    Who gives a fcuk in Paris to be seen as Washington’s strongest partner ? Nobody ! French politicians just want France to exist for France, not as somebody else’s “strongest partner”….

    On the other hand, it would be hard to conduct the UK’s favourite strategy of “influence without investment” without being “Washington’s strongest partner”….
  15. Damn, I was expecting this to be about cricket.