Obama, The real end of our "boxing above our weight".

Finally, after 9/11 they realised that Festung America is not impervious, we chipped in with our troops and our anti-terrorist skills (partially funded by America, IRA don't get nice guns for nothing, Libyian AK's yes) and they have finally worked out how to kick a door in without using 200+ rounds of ammunition. They are starting to get good at the job, meanwhile, we shrink, we call on the US repeatedly for support in all theatres. Yes we are there, but we are not pulling our weight. Therefore why are we pretending to box above it. Time for a reality check.

Obama, the decks are cleared, A new slate, He LOVES military, (in a socialist way) but charity starts at home first and he's got a lot of "home" to sort out.
In the BIG picture with the financial problems ahead we have set a poor stall out, commitment, YES, useful political tool, YES. necessary, MAYBE. Important? (see useful political tool).

Now, won't this be more interesting than doing the Mike Golden "I'm a Para and therefore a brainscan is pointless" thread.


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what difference does it make? its just a new boss. most of the same rules will still aply
Yes, previous incumbents do the "Im in charge" thing then let it settle for 6 months to water test the new policies.
Not this guy I think. This year 09 is going to be "different". They now have a President that can hold a cognitive sentence together, it will be a shock for them rednecks. (Specific dig at SC, you all come home now, meet my daughter, she's never met another man before, she ain't no virgin).
5,00 Brit troops or 5,000 US, I know which country can spare them but it's the US avoiding the "one man band" concept to the rest of the world.
You're a rigt mong, eh? Care tto elucidate?
Flagrantviolator said:
You're a rigt mong, eh? Care tto elucidate?
Certainly, care to be more specific and use english this time. (Your not from SC are you, Sure your not from Hull, Yorkshire? your spelling says so).

PS. Soft H, hard T. Typing patterns, you're being profiled.