Obama "Special Olympics" quip

Barack Obama red-faced after Special Olympics jibe on Leno Show

It was all going so well as the President chatted to Jay Leno. Then he made a crack about the Special Olympics ...

Mr Obama’s lack of bowling skills, demonstrated during the election campaign, also threatened his credibility with the all-important blue collar union-member crowd.

“I imagine the bowling alley has been just burned and closed down,” said Leno.

“No, no,” replied the President. “I have been practicing... I bowled a 129.”

“That’s very good, Mr President,” said Leno.

And then it happened. Amid laughter, Mr Obama quipped, “It’s like - it was like the Special Olympics, or something.” And in the instant he said it, you could see a flash of realisation in his eyes: I’ve just mocked the disabled. On live TV.

Has he been on arrse?

Personally I believe a bit of a non-story, however at least Obama is prepared to say what he thinks.

He just went up a few points in my book

Good on him

He's probably starting to get stressed about the G20 summit next month in London. Have you seen the photo on the front page of the Labour party web site? Looks like Gordon the stalker didn't take the hint when he was in Washington.
Many of us here don't haunt the New Labour website, A_M, much as we should if we know what's Good For Us.

..."Gordon the Stalker" is good. What's the bet on 'Gordon' pitching up at the 65th Anniversary if O'bama goes? And getting photo-opportunities from beach to cliff-top....


"Mr Brown, as you're the about the only leader here without some sort of popular mandate - the unanimous support of the Labour party doesn't count - how about a general election to see if the public will put their confidence in you and thus legitimise your handling of the financial crisis?"

D'you think that'll 'be heard'?
It is a Non-Story. My Country has become a Nation where one cannot speak without 3 lawyers to clear every utterance.

Bush-Shaved Chimp for 8 years

Newspaper drawing of a Chimp immediately becomes representative of Obama and therefore racist...... Cue Al Sharpton and the Days of Outrage, and demands for the cartoonist head.

Obama's a Cnut, but this is ridiculous. Frankly the story being ignored is why he appeared at all.

With everything going on, this seems like a deliberate distraction for the public. I may also be wrong, but for the life of me, cannot remember the last time a sitting President went on a talk show like this while in Office or out.
I don't like Nobama and I didn't vote for him to be president. I'm glad he got called out for making fun of the people who make up the "Special Olympics" - that was a tacky comment.

He's in constant campaign mode now if I'm any judge. Never before has a sitting president appeared on a late-night talk show and traded quips with the comedian host to try to sell himself and his flawed bail-out program to the country. That's worse than when Slick Willy appeared on Saturday Night Live and played his sax with the house band when he was a candidate. I'll never take Nobama seriously again.

What next, Gordon Brown on the "Simpsons"?
Actually, although I think he's the most disastrous failure in US history in the making, I admire his confidence, and taking part in Jay Leno's show was a good move (in my opinion). A real pity it seems to have backfired.

He's in the seat; he has to work.
exile1 said:
IMO he belittles the Office of President by appearing on a 'chat' show. Can't imagine Ike bemeaning himself like that.
I can't imagine Palmerston even talking to a journalist, but I do accept that some things change. If one of the bastards appeared at my front door he'd get a good horsewhipping, mind.

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