Obama snubs Brown for Bliar!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taz_786, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/uselection2008/barackobama/2448592/Barack-Obama-snubs-Gordon-Brown-for-Tony-Blair.html

    Poor old Gordo must be devastated. :D
  2. Ha! After waiting and brooding for so long to become Prime Minister, a post that he felt was rightlyfully his but denied him, being upstaged by Blair of all people must have had got the mobile phones flying about and going practically ballistic. :)

    One bit did puzzle me though,

    Why the hell would his PR people think this was a good idea? Wouldn't it just make already well known lack panache and charisma even more glaringly obvious when stood next to the candidate for whom those are his main attractions? His PR people really have lost the plot.
  3. Bliar enormously popular in the States? Good job they didnt do a popularity survey this side of the water methinks.
  4. Hardly surprising, as Obama strikes me as simply the American version of Blair; all style and no substance.

    His ghastly harriden of a wife is only a slightly less ugly version of the Wicked Witch.
  5. Must admit I have reservations about ol Roots Revisionist Obama, but somebody in his organisation has got his head screwed on, keep well clear of "he who cocks everything up" Broon
  6. Methinks this Presidential election will turn out a helluva lot closer than many, esp media types/ BBC, seem to imagine.

    Can't think what Obama's playing at - the sight of hundreds of thousands of Germans cheering his every stylishly expressed vacuity is going to impress the hell out of the average voter in the American heartland!!

    Obviously, the intention is to portray Obama as a man of substance on the international stage, but I just have a feeling this could blow back in his face - big time.

    Don't be surprised come November when we see puzzled expressions on the faces of BBC commentators as "their man" joins the long list of "Greatest Democrat Presidents we never had"!
  7. So 200,000 Europeans turn up to see Mr Obama? I wonder how many Americans wouyld turn up to see a speech in Washington by 'Dave' Cameron?
  8. Where as Bliar got everything right?
  9. The only thing he got right was to cut and run before the faeces hit the air con :x
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The fact that Obama is meeting either of them makes me think he's a cnut too.
  11. Appeared to be a bit longer than a few minutes on the steps, watching the news. Strolling round the gardens at Number 10, tea and cakes, going out to Horse Guards - and it didn't show the meeting which lasted two hours.

    Looks like the Telegraph got it wrong this time.
  12. I think what they mean by "enormously popular" is that he's one of the few British people that lazy American TV journalists know the name of.

    Only if he brings coffee and donuts.
  13. The feeling nausea I get when I hear BO is not unconnected with a decade of being gushed at by Mr Tony.