Obama, saint or sinner; what say you Brits so far?

I'm listening to his acceptance speech as I write this. Good stuff, good speaker & sharp intellect I'll give him that.

What's the overall view of this guy from your quaint little island of shopkeepers?

What view are his detractors and admirers taking over there?

Is his election going to salvage--partially or fully--the reputation of the US from the Bush years in your eyes? Is he the savior of the West?

How does McCain look to you instead?

Curious as to your opinions.
McCain, who is he?

Liberal UK media love a minority so we're getting full Obama coverage at the minute.

Generally I doubt if anyone worries too much. Sadly you reached an all time low with Bush Junior so the only way is up.

But yes he looks good, I like the idea that the most powerful nation in the world has a leader that can think on his feet.
he's left and I prefer right, given what the left have stood for over the past 30 years at least in this country. I suspect that, just like over here, if he gets in, you are going to get promotion of all the lefty causes with regard to minorities, together with a dose of self loathing because of what happened however many years ago that people now couldn't have had anything to do with, and of course, diminishing personal freedoms and higher taxes - OK, OK worse than now. If he was Republican? Go for it!

I think the UK media love him because he's a Democrat first and coloured second; I doubt black republicans such as Condeleeza Rice or Colin Powell would get anywhere near as much attention - dismissed as a couple of uncle toms I should imagine.

I admire McCain - probably from an interview with him in Rolling Stone magazine I read some years ago. Not just because of the war record thing, but I like the "maverick" aspect - he appears to do what he thinks is right regardless of which party supports it and his career has suffered accordingly. I like the straight talking - sometimes its a bit "too straight" and he's had to apologise!

McCain 2008! :D
If McCain is going to carry on in the same style as Dubya then it's pretty much a one horse race. Does anyone really want another 4 years of a plastic Bush-stylee administration?

I would like to see the media, certainly here, concentrate more on his policies (especially his global ones) as opposed to his skin colour, which I personally couldn't care less about.
McCain will win so it's all a pointless debate, he has Putin and the Russian Army as his running mates.

Or did you think the trouble in Georgia is a matter of chance?

All Obama has is the support of the fluffy pink European media with their same sex marriages and butt plugs.
EX_STAB said:
Is O'Bama the Irish one

I looked up a quick reference to OBama's European background on Wikipedia and...

...Holy S***, :eek:

Yes he is 'Irish' (in part). 8O

From Wikipedia:

Stanley Dunham (Obama's white grandfather):

...The most recent native European ancestor is Stanley's great grandfather, Falmouth Kearney, an Irish farmer, who immigrated from County Offaly, Ireland during the Great Irish Famine and resettled in Tipton County, Indiana.

Learn something new everyday.
The "liberals" across here love Obama, some of the press coverage is bordering on the fawning, especially from that bastion of impartiality the BBC. As mentioned, McCain gets barely a mention.

Personally speaking, I'd rather have a politician in power who has served in the military, especially one who has been at the sharp end like McCain, It ensures he truly knows the consequences of any military action he may have to take.

What truly swings it for me that McCain would be the better choice is the very fact that the people who have done so much damage to this country support Obama, that and the fact he seems to have something of the "Used car salesman" about his manner. He seems insincere, McCain doesn't, simple as that.

I think Condy Rice would make a better president but thats only because I have such a secret crush on her!
I would just like the US to have a fair and proper election, unlike the last two debacles......................after all you are supposed to be the worlds "greatest" democracy!

If the next election is as dodgy as the last two, we might have to get Russia to invade and install a proper democracy!
Obama comes across as an american Blair full of fake smiles, 'hey I'm a pretty straight kind of guy' and 'I feel your pain...' but with similar levels of sincerity and truthfulness. 'Change you can believe in' is a slogan up there with 'Things can only get better'-makes lefties feel all squishy about themselves on the inside, but about as deep as spit on a rock. McCain seems a bit old and doddering, but he has military experience, and manages to be right of center without being a bible bashing nut like much of the Republican party, and out of any western politico it seems to me he'd be the only one with the balls to face down the russkies like Reagan or Thatcher would've...


Virgil said:
Curious as to your opinions.
I've yet to see or hear any serious debate on their respective policies! Can anyone point to an objective assessment of what they want to do?
'Obama comes across as an american Blair full of fake smiles, 'hey I'm a pretty straight kind of guy' and 'I feel your pain...' but with similar levels of sincerity and truthfulness.'

Well said, my sentiments exactly - already some of the more thoughtful democrats are starting to doubt his ability to do the job and we have current experience over here of a 'natural for the job of Prime Minister' who proved sadly lacking when it came to the crunch.

What I object to is having an election rammed down my throat for 8 months by all sections of the media when, as I have no voting rights in the US, I will have no effect on its outcome and the media coverage is basically just background information.
Anyone has to be better than that monkey bush!!!!
I prefer McCain and I'm a centre or slightly left small 'c' conservative - a 'wet', if you like.

Politics in the west has been dominated by youth and image for far too long. I'd rather the crucial strategic decisions were taken by someone whose balls have long since stopped pumping testosterone into his bloodstream and who remembers when he wakes in the wee small hours what the decision to go to war really means.

Obama ought to appeal to my political instincts, but he's just too synthetic. He's a political boy-band, primed to say the right things at the right time. He's a candidate delivered by focus-group, not conviction.
Many years ago Richard Nixon visited Ireland to establish his Irish roots to get the Irish vote...along with making his wife change her name to Pat. Is Obama really from Irish stock or does the synic in me think this is another Nixon type search for roots. Does McCain have Scottish roots or is the American Scottish vote not as important. Who has the jewish vote? Mind you in the end I suppose the bigger question is 'who has the American vote?'. When the Clinton/Obama thing was going on I couldn't help but wonder how many rednecks were in diffs voting for either a 'gal or a colored boy'. Must have been a hell of a choice. Now its' 'a white man or a colored boy'. No one has mentioned the race card yet, but I think old prejudices will out and McCain will win. That will be a pity.
my only beef with mcain is that he's a creationist. It bothers me that anyone so willfully stupid could get into a position of power. does anyone recall the stories about bush claiming 'god told me to invade iraq'?
Interestingly, McCain was brought up an Episcopalian (which is like C of E right?) and is now a southern Baptist, a political conversion methinks?
Virgil said:
Is his election going to salvage--partially or fully--the reputation of the US from the Bush years in your eyes? Is he the savior of the West?
Certainly i for one hope so, he has a huge task to restore the reputation of the US abroad.

Virgil said:
How does McCain look to you instead?
I think he is unfortunaly seen as a busted flush due to some of his recent policy conversions also domesticaly those i have spoke to see him as another puppet like Bush of the defence industry and the petrochemical industry.

While one can not take away his service and imprisonment, for many it is a still a war that divided a nation.

Virgil said:
Curious as to your opinions.
I hope that Obama doesnt turn out to be a US version of Bliar, i wouldnt wish that on any nation i suspect however that the road to recovery is going to hurt.

Democrats whilst seen as liberals are nothing like the red stain that is 'liabour'. One hope they stays that way although the US defiect was in the black under Clinton, so no matter how much i detested him and his loathsome wife he must have done something right.

Fingers crossed Virgil

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