Obama reveals Irish roots - Again

Discussion in 'US' started by Detonator, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. So you and everybody else in America then Barak.
    Why do Yanks have such a big deal about having Irish ancestry????
  2. Because as a country they have practicly no history, so cling to any thread they can.

    Mind you if I had Irish roots Id probably keep it to myself
  3. I always wondered what black Irish meant.
  4. Such a cnut. Cannot hear him speak without feeling a strong anger developing. Grr

  5. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    That'll be President O'Bama now then? As Irish as Eddie Murphy.
  6. less than 10% of yanks have an irish background, yet about 80% of them claim tobe irish.

    9% have english ancestry
    0.5% wales
    and a whopping 16% scottish
  7. Why does everyone draw a complete line between 'white people' and everyone else ha ha :? Yes he has darker skin than a 'white person' but in reality he is as much 'white' as he is 'black'. So he could actually have Irish lineage.

    His parents:
  8. She'd spent a long time in the sun when he was conceived. Reckon that makes him a Black and Tan....
  9. Out of interest where do the other 65% come from?
  10. It varies. I went to California a couple of times and returned convinced that California had been colonized by aliens from a planet in another solar system (except for the Mexicans).

    As to claiming to be Irish. All my grandparents came from Ireland and all of the wife's grandparents came from Italy. If you were to ask my son (named Brian O'C******) what his ancestry is he would tell you Italian. However when he invades my drinks cabinet he goes for the Old Tyrconnel single malt. (good taste that boy)
  11. Actually, it is more like 12% nationally. And in MA, it is one quarter of the population.
  12. Would that make him an Irish Jig?
  13. Ok so,

    His name is O'Bama.