Obama Re-Elected -- It's Over for Romney

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NathanHale, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. The President is re-elected -- he took Ohio.... which put him over the top .... and will probably take Florida, Colorado, Nevada (which he didn't need insofar as the Electoral College is concerned)...

    Hispanic Americans voted substantially for Obama and the Democrats were able to turn out the vote...... The Republicans need to return to a right-of-center party and abandon the luniaical Far Right ideology or they are done as a major political party in the US ...... You can't win the White House anymore with just the White Male vote .....

    Congratulations Mr. President !

    Nathan Hale
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  2. According to most sources, Romney shot himself in the foot badly in Ohio.

    Making the stupid error of believing what they read on some right-wing conspiraloon's blog (the dangers of the 'citizen journalist' once again), Romney's people put out ads claiming that GM and Chrysler were transferring production to China (ironically, just the sort of thing Romney did when asset-stripping the US companies he bought out). These false claims led to every news source in the state branding him a liar, plus the chief executives of both companies shitting on him from a great height.

    It will be amusing to watch the pundits saying Mitt would win it, mount their Reverse-a-Cycles in the next few days.
  3. Its going to be an uphill struggle, i wonder how many campaign promises will be kept. Also he might lose the popular vote which will make things in congress even more difficult for Obama. Having said that, from the other end of the world's perspective it's a relief not having to deal with 'Mitt' at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue...
  4. It's much easier to stick with the campaign promises during the 2nd term......
  5. Obama will win the popular vote once all the votes are counted ..... Romney lost the popular vote badly in the West Coast states, Illinois, and elsewhere .....I think the popular vote will break about 51.5% for Obama

    This won't be a replay of 2000 when Al Gore won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College vote (with a helpful push from the U.S. Supreme Court)....

    Democrats maintain control of the Senate and add a couple more seats but fall short of a 60 seat "Super Majority" needed to break the Republican's obstructionist fillibusters (though the Senate could reform the procedural rules for fillibusters with a simple majority vote -- if I recall)

    The election proves that the political views of Americans like Jump'in Jarhead, WOCMAN and others are outside the mainstream of American society...
  6. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    How has the hopping Jarhead taken the news?
  7. I think the Americans have elected the right man. Having said that, he now has a lot to deliver for ordinary Americans. I hope he succeeds. A measure of the losing man is their speech at this point. When Bush vacated the White House, although he hadn't lost the election, his successor had, Bush really impressed me how he handed over the administration in such a really positive no nonsense way. His standing in my book (for what my book is worth) increased enormously.

    Mitt Romney in my view will be judged by his comments in his speech where he has to concede that Obama has beaten him. I hope that in the best interests of democracy, he is sincere, honest, and pays proper tribute to the successful candidate in this test of democracy in the last remaining superpower.

    That's an important message to those countries in the world that don't practice democracy in the world today that even those who lose the election accept the results, praise the winner and pledge to support them for the good of everybody.
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  8. Fair play, he seems to hate them all equally.

    Though he may retreat to his bunker with the Bible and the Collected Works of Ayn Rand for a bit, just to keep his hand in.
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  9. Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump

    We can't let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided!

    Divide and conquer, close American friends are horrified of another 4 years, I thought Romney was a tool.
  10. With the election out the way, next stop Iran.
  11. Hehe, they are****ed.....but then they were****ed either way.
  12. Obama is a just left-of-center politician ..... The BS about him confiscating people's wealth (he agreed to extend the Bush II tax cuts for God's sake), being a socialist, and all of the misinformation about "socialized medicine" aka Obamacare (which delivered another 35M customers to the American PRIVATE SECTOR health insurance industry) is pure Right Wingnut propogandistic nonsense ....

    The proof in the pudding is that Americans who describe themselves as political moderates (i.e. centrists) voted heavily for Obama ..... The GOP's extremism frighten many centrist, politically moderate Americans (like me -- and I voted for a Republican Presidential candidate from 1984 - 2000, though I came to regret voting for Bush II -- thought he would be like his Dad, which unfortunately was not the case)
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  13. I dont think that Obama has the gonads.
  14. Love the ads on this page...

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  15. Bibi will be pissed having so overtly tried to swing it for Romney,
    and there will be a few grudges to be settled by those in Foggy Bottom.