Obama, Jingoism & Politicking.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Oyibo, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. I have tried to be neutral about the BP disaster on the Maconda well, but the sight this evening on CNN of an American standing on a Union Jack in protest against the oil spill raised my hackles - to say the least.

    At the risk of being just as bad as whoever that individual was, I would be keen for President Obama to explain why he holds British Petroleum responsible when he passed a ruling that only US citizens could work offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. President Obama - is BP British when everyone working for BP in the GOM must be American?

    I have been fairly neutral about Pres Obama until this episode, but I find his anti-British rhetoric pretty bloody distasteful. It just smacks of sound-bites for the domestic market which will negatively affect huge numbers of pension funds in the UK every time he opens his mouth.

    I have stashed away my tinfoil hat and my book about British torture in the Mau Mau uprising, but for Gawd's sake Obama makes my pubes straighten in upright (British) indignation.

    To all our septic friends - my commiserations. What a shallow man.
  2. People were in such a goddamned rush to vote him in as the Anti-Bush they ignored who he really was. I dont mean Kenyan, indonesian like some idiots think, but a hardcore US Socialist with a very anti Business agenda. And he has to "Pay-off " the Unions, which shilled for him. Many here thought him the second coming who would free the planet from war, pestilence and Bush.

    He has no Leadership, and has been ghosting since the healthcare vote. Now that there is a serious chance the Dems will lose big this november he is coming out to pander, populist posturing and make ludicris announcements about kicking ass.

    I apologize for the Schmucks who defiled your flag, it's stupid but we have our fair share of Stupid here. I call them Democrats... they would as easily burn US flags given the chance
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

  4. No need to apologise for the flag Goldbricker - Mel Gibson has inured me, for one, to anti-British (English) rubbish, but I appreciate your sentiment.

    I guess you in the States are still experiencing the incandescent rage that many in the UK felt about the Brown government. You have my deepest sympathies.

    Back to the Maconda well though. I love this gem from a blog about Ken Salazar's threats:

    Linky to common sense (written by a Brit incidentally)
  5. I'm no fan of Barry O. He's made a pesh poor job of handling this crisis, the comparison with Bush's lackadaisical Katrina performance is deserved. I would say given the scale of the problem and BP's manifest greedy unpreparedness he's been a bit of a wimp.

    In his wingtips I'd be desperately trying to mitigate political damage by demonizing the obvious culprit in a full spectrum savage attack on every aspect of its character, giving it the "The full Putin". BP and it's arrogant British management has come off rather lightly so far. A scapegoat is needed. I'd have thought he'd be having them all publicly hauled off to Gitmo for some enhanced interrogation as is practically his legal right these days.
  6. Never trusted Obama. Never will, but the American people only had between him and a ninety year old Republican to choose between.
    Still, could have been worse. Could have been Gore. Oh, wait, it was, until Jeb Bush decided that there was no way his bruv had lost Florida, seeing as it was his state.

  7. I suppose the trite answer is that Americans care a hell of a lot more about spilt oil than they've ever done about spilt blood.

    What it boils down to is that somebody has just put a hole right through the fantasy world the US lives in and they're having one of their mega hissy fits. Because what's happened is looking increasingly like America's Chernobyl and they can't accept it. There are already Senators -- Republicans, naturally -- who want to re-start exploratory drilling in the Gulf before any investigation about the Deepwater Horizon disaster has had a chance to report back.

    Yes, it would be like launching another shuttle a week after Challenger blew up. But the idea that anything or anybody has the power to get in the way of the big oil companies is so alien to US thinking they can't abide it. They know, they just know, that God will always provide cheap oil to Americans, and 'drill, baby, drill' is a tribal chant.

    Problem is, all the big overseas fields have been nationalised long ago and those greedy ungrateful Iraqis and Iranians would rather sell their black gold to the Chinese than the Americans. Even Saudi Arabia sells more oil to China than it does to the US. So God obviously stashed away huge oil reserves off the American coastlines for his favourite people -- but is it a booby prize?

    Just suppose that BP is as good at deep sea drilling as every other company in the business? Suppose they were just the unlucky ones to draw the short straw and have things blow up in their face. Suppose something like this happens to somebody else next year, and maybe again eighteen months after that? Where does that leave the good ol' boy waiting to gas his pick up truck with cheap fuel? Where does it leave the idea of America as a land flowing with oil and money?

    The Americans have to demonise BP to quieten the demons in their own minds. They have to believe that this disaster was all the fault of BP because if it wasn't they're even deeper in the mire than any oil soaked pelican. The thinking is that with BP thrown out of America all the risks of deep water drilling will be thrown out with them. BP are going to be made the sin eaters of the totally useless American government regulatory system and of American greed. Whether or not anybody ever comes up with a smoking gun to prove BP has done anything wrong.

    The problem, of course, is that other drillers will have to consider very carefully what they're risking by continuing to go deep underwater and perhaps suffering the same fate as BP. How long will it take and how much will it cost before they're certain their technology is completely foolproof? Not 99.9999% foolproof but absolutely and utterly reliable at all times and at all depths. One valve failure and a multi-billion dollar company can be tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail. Unless it has Federal indemnity to protect itself. Which is going to be a difficult political trick to pull off after all the raving and ranting which has been directed at BP from Washington.

    The bottom line is that all that oil which God was supposed to have stashed away so that obese Americans can keep driving a hundred yards to the nearest MacDonalds may not be reachable. If that is the case then all of you who've been saying how much you'd like to invade Iran are likely to have your wish granted.
  8. You're right, it is a trite Answer, but coming from Wilfred Burchetts adopted daughter I would expect no less from you. Onward with the revolution of the proleteriat.....

    My god but you must love to look at yourself in the mirror and rub one out as you post. Never have I seen such a Pompous asshole as you.
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I'm very much a fan of America, the people don't reflect the administration and they don't now either. All the rhetoric is coming from nobody politicians looking for re-election, shock horror!!

    Obama is a tosser, I've said this before he became president, all mouth and no trousers. Do a search.

    That he is now ruining the relationship with the United States most steadfast ally, for his own narrow minded self interest should come as no surprise to anyone (note the British Petroleum comments rather than BP).
  10. Goldbricker, I agree completely. Our voters were stupid enough to do what the media told them to do and voted in an incompetant inexperienced socialist idiot. I was never that impressed by either Clinton or Bush43 but Obama is making them look good. In liberal Massachusetts we are starting to see bumper stickers saying "1/20/2013, End of an Error" and we just elected a Republican Senator for the first time in many years.

    Like Goldbricker I am embarrassed by the idiots who defaced the Union flag. This is not a widespread feeling but it does make good footage for the TV networks.

    BP may have majority British ownership but like Exxon(US) Shell (Dutch) and Citgo (Venezuala) it is a multinational not really responsible to any country. It is however becoming increasingly clear that BP was very much responsible for the causes of the spill. If in doubt see the post by BigUn in the Arrse thread on the spill. Linky Here on page 4. Also of note: BP indicated that their environmental impact statement filed with the application for this well had been approved by a noted expert in marine wildlife issues. It turns out the expert had died 5 years before the report was produced - OOPS!!

    To my British friends, at least with Brown you had the excuse that he was not elected but put in place by a meeting of your MP's with your labour unions or something like that. In the case of Obama our people were stupid enough to elect him so we are getting what we deserve I guess.

    On the bright side he only has 2 years 6 months and 9 days left in his term of office.
  11. I'm sure that BP will clean up and pay compensation just as well as Union Carbide did at Bhopal. So there's really not a problem.
  12. 1. Kraft buyout of Cadbury, where the Brits had a little dig at the 'American' company
    2. Senate elections in November
    "Get out there, get your own back and get popular!"
  13. I don't suppose it matters to Obama that BP plc hasn't used the name "British Petroleum" since the late 1990's.

    Why doesn't go the whole hog and refer to it as the 'Anglo-Iranian Oil Company', he's missing a trick there! :)

    'The Daily Show' and the 'Colbert Report' both played on the "British" of BP again tonight. Colbert took some nice pot shots at Tebbit, so it wasn't all bad.

    Edited to add some links:

  14. It seems there are major managment problems with BP's american arm. This is the 2nd major incident in 5 years with catastrophic loss of life.

    A month before the Texas City refinery incident, a crisis management training team were sent to deliver some integration training as part of BP International's global crisis managment oversight.

    They were refused entry to the site and alarm bells went off, eventually requiring some diplomatic manoeuvring at geomarket level.

    This raises the question of what was remedied post 2005 and what relationship exists between BP International and BP America.

    One can imagine a certain amount of internal politicking in a company that size and any residual flaws still unresolved under Hayward's aegis should be addressed.

    That Obama is choosing to target the global entity rather than the US arm stinks.
  15. Halliburton ....... yet again! :roll:

    Read more: http://www.thefirstpost.co.uk/62899,business,dick-cheney-halliburton-implicated-in-bp-deepwater-horizon-oil-spill#ixzz0qXZcdDY4

    That's the trouble with Global Capitalism, Globalization, Corporatocracy ...... or whatever one wishes to call it. It is a broken 100 year old pyramid scheme. Profit is the only thing that matters. Destroying the planet and humankind is unimportant to them. Maintaining dependence on oil (and other non-sustainable resources) and maintaining the scarcity is paramount. There are plenty of sustainable energy sources. It seems that their greed and destruction has not yet destroyed the planet. It appears that, with the development of innovative technologies, there is abudance on the earth for all. But the monetary system has to end. Money has to be abolished, in favour of a Resource Based Economy. Humankind can realise it's true potential. This film is worth watching, if you want to look at things differently:


    It isn't like the original Zeitgeist film, which was all conspiracy theory and religion. It's 2 hours long, but worth sticking with it.