Obama has 12 Stitches in his mouth

According to Fox, anyway ... no linky yet.

POTUS needed 12 stitches after a basketball encounter.

1. HM The Queen is a sensible person, and avoids such activities :-D

2. POTUS may stop talking for a while :aww:
basketballs vs bagels segway or cop hurting with a mountain bike hand to eye coordination not really a Potus sort of thing.
thank god phillip never invited GW and dick hunting:)
Awwwww ... linky-linky Obama Needs Stitches After Being Hurt During Basketball Game - FoxNews.com

"... the president was inadvertently struck by someone's elbow Friday."

That's Chuck Friday out of a job, or did I misread that? Perhaps ... oh, forget it, not funny ;-)

POTUS is hurting ... the Nation should mourn? ... no, don't go there either.

Hope y'all had a good Thanksgiving ... xxx
A fitting story on "Black Friday." I had a good one-had kith and kin gathered at the farm and I did not over eat!
Uh oh... I wonder if there will be repercussions against the secret service agent who elbowed him?
He is on a C37 on his way to Gitmo as we speak and not as a guard!!!

Seriously probably not that dire. He will just spend the rest of his career chasing counterfeiters in North Dakota.
Does the SS allow Republicans these days? :-D

Belated Happy Thanksgiving, btw.
Hmm... you know, there was that humerous incident in which the former president outshot his secret service detail on the pistol range. Perhaps those same men were feeling vindictive and took out their frustration on the current one?

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well my friend. Ours was nice... the little guy has his choppers now so he thoroughly enjoyed snarfing down proper turkey rather than the baby goop we fed him last year.

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