Obama economic plan

Discussion in 'US' started by Cloud88111, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. I don't know how many of you have seen the president elects new economic speech but it is essentially create government project that will need manpower to complete them creating what he said would be 3 million jobs. What is your take on this?

    I think it'll work effectively, in fact I'm almost 100% sure it'll work as it worked for a country that was worse off than anyone in this crisis. It was actually one of Hitler's economic policy. I think he created government jobs to build roads, which rid him of most of the unemployed and how he was able to rebuild Germany after the Weimar. I'm not comparing Obama to Hitler I just figured I'd point it out.
  2. I wouldn't compare Obama to Hitler either. He is actually Tony Bliar with a suntan - he is all spin and no substance as will be demonstrated in the coming years.
  3. Whatever you say about Hitler, the man was a shrewd economist (or was being advised by some shrewd economists; one or t'other) to turn Germany around from a failing, bankrupt state in 1933 to one of the global powers in 1939. I doubt the UK will recover from this recession so quickly.

    What will these three million people do? Knock down and rebuild the Hoover Dam? The state employing people is all well and good, as long as it gets something useful out of them; employing people to sit in an office and shuffle paper or tell other people how they should be doing their jobs as this government does simply drains the Treasury to no purpose.
  4. His people were shrewd but didn't help the economy at all. They might have got the country up and running but when they paid with the likes of government bonds you have to ask yourself how that helped industry. then of course you do have to question the use of slave labour to get things built.

    Try reading about Schachts tricks and what they meant to German industry
  5. Could start building New Orleans and everywhere else that was hit by hurrancaine Katrina..........
  6. Slave labour? That's Republican policy.

    Building roads? By the time the Israelis have finished in the Mid East we won't be getting enough oil to use them for anything but skate boarding.

    Rebuild New Orleans? Be embarrassing if another hurricane flooded it again.

    No, first job on the agenda is carving a replica of George Bush's arse on Mount Rushmore. The man deserves to be remembered for his true worth.
  7. Hitler, a shrewd economist? About as shrewd as Brown is. I'll have to dig out the references but I'm fairly certain that by 1939 they were spending more than twice as much as they were taking in and that the economy was about to go bust. It was only thanks to stealing their own citizens goods and money and then seizing the reserves and resources of the countries they invaded that they staved off complete bankruptcy. Now that's not to say that he didn't have some good economic policies, at least for the time and the situation Germant found itself in, but a lot of what they did was simply reaching way beyond what any sensible person would try.
  8. I never said it was a perfect economy. The country was absolutely broke when Hitler became Chancellor, however; within six years it had, for example, one of the largest and most technologically advanced armies in the world (rebuilt from the post-Versailles shadow of what it had been). The money to create that didn't come from nowhere, and there's a limit to what you can pay in government bonds. Socially, the man was a lunatic; strategically, he was a fool, but economically he enjoyed some degree of success.
  9. Notwithstanding the interesting debate about how shrewd Hitler was and pre-empting the argument that Il Duce made the Italian trains run on time. Has anyone noticed the latest British Liabour Party hair-brained scheme to rescue the economy?

    Lord Mandy has announced that the Government will help the automotive finance industry to lend more money to prop up the car manufacturers. Can the eejits not see that it is all the senseless borrowing that has got us into this mess in the first place.

    You couldn't make it up
  10. Well, the republicans' attempt to revive the economy via monetary policy is not working - figures just out show the jobless rate here has hit a 16 year high, with more companies threatening to lay off more workers as the US engine of consuming grinds to a near halt.

    To fight mass unemployment and the depression it would create, deficit spending to create public works projects is needed - and quickly.

    It was alright to spend billions for an unnecessary war and to bail out banks, so I trust the republicans won't object to bailing out ordinary citizens.
  11. Quite right sir.
    It's excessive Government Borrowing that has got UK into the position where No One will lend UK the finance it needs.
    Hence Browns idea to follow Bob Mugabe and just print the money.
    Wheelbarrows are cumming.
  12. The New Deal dragged the great depression on for a decade longer than it should of been... no doubt Obama's retread of that will do the same.
  13. ISTR something about Obama setting up a new Gub'mint Agency for peacekeeping/law enforcement that would be "As well-funded and powerful as the Military". :?

    Of course, he'll probably need an Agency like that just to deal with all the people trying to slot him! :twisted:
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Or slash public spending, cut taxes and allow those who actually create jobs and wealth - the private sector - to flourish?

  15. You heathen, you sound like you have a clue. How dare you! You must be a follower of Adam Smith...he was very evil and all wrong look at the USSR how great they are doing.