Obama Delays trip To DC by McChrystal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Oct 9, 2009.

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  1. I am sure our enemies better understand the reasons and importance of this delay. This confirms at least to my pea brain that the deliberations in the White House have much more to do with crass domestic politics than they do with the actual pros and cons of the on-scene commander's cogent assessment and clear request for reinforcement.

  2. Obama is too busy celebrating his Nobel Peace prize win to be bothered with briefs about what is happening in a war his predecessor started.
  3. I think you meant "A war started by the murderers of 3,000+ innocent men, women and children."
  4. Didn't we start the war hundreds of yeas ago in the "holy war" to reclaim the "holy land" from them Muslim "infadels"?

    Maybe i am mistaken and King Richard isn't the cause of the problem, noble as the lion heart was .............................................
  5. If you'd like to go that far back, before modern states existed, then no, the war started when the Muslims took the Holy Land from the eastern Roman Empire.

    I rather think you knew that, given your use of the word "REclaim"
  6. Sorry, I didn't realise the Afghans perpatrated that attack. Oh wait, they didn't. It was agroup called Al Qaeda that happened to have camps in Afghanistan and many other countries.
  7. And whose nominally ruling group was giving safe harbor to the planners of said attack, and refused to hand them over. Maybe you missed that.
  8. I stand corrected Yank_Lurker, my apologies!

    Were the Romans christians at this point or were they still worshipping their own Gods?
  9. Isn't this a contradiction in terms? Notwithstanding the ongoing dispute as to the "true" reasons for the crusades, if the Muslims originally "took" the "Holy Lands," would it not be the Muslims who actually "started" the crusades?
  10. No, we are not the Romans, they took the "holy land" from a different empire, it was over a thousand years later that the christians tried to reclaim it.

    By "reclaim" I mean: They believed that the "holy land" belonged to Christians in the first place as it was the death place of Jesus. They believed that it should be back in the hands of the "true" religion and so tried to take control of it again from the muslims.
  11. I think you have missed the fact that at the time Al Qaeda was given safe harbour by a number of countries which the so called "planners" would flee to as soon as an invasion occured. This terrible event was not just planned in Afghanistan.
  12. Whichever country harboured Al Qaeda, we should never have invaded it in the first place. This is America's war, not ours.
  13. I agree, as was Iraq. It was Blairs quest for a green card and some Bush bumming that got us involved.
  14. What’s done is done; the question is which road we take now.

    1) Pull out of Afghan, meaning our boys have sacrificed their lives for nothing, the amount of pain, bloodshed and work our soldiers have put in is meaningless.

    2) Keep there, take more casualties, loss more young men, break up more families and generally cause pain to thousands of troops and their families. To achieve what? It's said we are going to be there for 40 years. Even then it will still be a war torn country, they don't want to change, i don't think they ever will

    We are in a fix, whatever route is taken people are going to get hurt x
  15. What ever path we take the result will ultimatly be the same. British lives have been lost needlesly. Unfortunatly, we just cannot pull out. The Yanks were clever in getting NATO involved in their war of revenge and as a member of NATO we are obliged to have people there. What we need to do (or our government) is to state Britains objectives in Afghanistan, complete that objective and go. The thing we must not do is let our operation be run by the yanks as that will hinder and lengthen operations.