Obama bin Biden

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Devil_Dog, Aug 23, 2008.

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  1. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26365828/?GT1=43001

    Still, me thinks he should have gone with Mrs Clinton.
  2. Hello,

    Good evening, and welcome to the, " Whose in Front's."
  3. Anyway - I'm off to get a bit of 'Bo Peep' because the 'Grumble and Grunts' have their 'Boats up their Bottles'
  4. Anyone who's plagiarised Neil Kinnock (a ginger Welshman),has some big self esteem issues.
  5. Pair of Jodrell's.
  6. Sail on ship of , 'Tom Tit'
  7. I'm convinced Obama doesn't want to be president anymore. The novelty has worn off. He just wants to be left alone and eat his waffles.

    You don't choose Joe Biden as a running mate if you are trying to be the "audacity of hope". Biden is a career politician but with little to show for it except for being smug, arrogant, vain, eccentric, egomaniacal, and just plain unbearable. He brings nothing to the table either. He has no regional appeal, Delaware is a small state with few electoral votes and is pretty much Democrat anyway. This choice makes no sense. Biden is just a loose cannon rolling around the deck and can destroy Obama's campaign with just one outburst. Joe Biden: a plagiarist and his hair-plugs. :p
  8. Shithouse,

    Knee jerk reactions like always. Where do you get your evidence from?

    Your imagination, no doubt.

    ronnie12398 said:

    Biden is not a lose canon. Biden is the kind of old white guy American people are comfortable with.

    A suprisingly large amount of the populance still thinks Obama is a Muslim, a myth that has been debunked countless times. What better choice than a reliably white Catholic to change the notion?

    It is all about perception at this point.
  9. Speaking of weed, you cabbage head, what hard evidence do you have?

    The rantings of a mad man never swayed an election.

  10. Rumors are a dime a dozen.

    How do your lies, innuendoes and maybe-he-did-maybe-he-didn't disqualify the man?

    Last time I heard Tony Bliar was screwing a major celebrity in Hollywood back in 2005.

    Not saying it is true but it never stopped your sorry arrse from singing his praises, did it?

    Fecking arrsehole.
  11. Devil Dog, the effluvium that comes out of your mouth everytime you open it amazes me. Ctauch is obviously well read and presents an argument with multiple sources to back it up, and all you can do is go "Nuh-uh!"? And then you post drivel like this?

    If nothing else, you are good for the comedic value.
  12. Shithouse is well read? :D

    If those standards apply across the board then I am a professor of genetic studies and master of bovine extractions from the negative end of sexually deprived homo sapiens who inhabit the present millenium....

    Like the one they call Shithouse.
  13. This is one of those very rare occasions where I concur fully with Ctauch.

    The Obama campaign just handed the election to McCain. Obama has been campaigning against the "Washington Insiders" and picks the ultimate insider as a running mate. He has been campaigning as a representative of youth and picks a running mate only a few years younger than McCain.

    I don't like McCain because of his shabby, nasty attack on General Casey during his confirmation hearings as CoS. General Casey is someone I like and respect. Nevertheless, Obama has left me no choice.
  14. First off, I am not up to date with the US elections, because there is enough political nausea to put up with on this side of the pond. But, could it be that Obama wants to fight fire with fire?
  15. No, Obama is just admitting that he lacks the experience every one of his critics says he lacks. Joe Biden brings no fire, he just brings long-winded speeches and spastic hand gestures. Obama and Biden will awkwardly throw footballs to each other and gaze deeply and lovingly into each others eyes just like John Kerry and John Edwards used to do, and with the same results in November. :D