Obama and the L Word

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Obama has liberal views and votes? I am shocked to discover that. Shocked, I tell you! :p

    Obama and the 'L' Word
    April 2, 2008; Page A14

    When it comes to being labeled "a liberal," Barack Obama is dismissive. "Oh, he's liberal. He's liberal," he said recently in describing a characterization of him by Republicans. "Let me tell you something. There's nothing liberal about wanting to reduce money in politics. It's common sense. . . . There's nothing liberal about wanting to make sure that everybody has health care."

    Mr. Obama needs to inoculate himself against the claim that he's a liberal. For the past quarter-century it has been consistently the most effective charge made by Republicans against Democrats. America is a center-right country and in modern times has not elected a thoroughgoing liberal as president (Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton ran as moderate Democrats). The problem is that, by any reasonable standard, Mr. Obama is an orthodox liberal.


  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer


    I think that you'll find that "Outraged" is the term that Arrsers adopt in these circumstances.

    Mr F
  3. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I thought Michelle's column was excellent on this subject. If you haven't read the column check out the video. :wink:

    “The two Michelles” reaches the House floor (A Video)

    By Michelle Malkin • April 2, 2008 11:40 AM

    Your lunchtime viewing today: Rep. Tom Tancredo (R) read my column about Michelle Obama’s lack of American pride on the House floor yesterday afternoon. What an honor!

    Link to Video.:


    Here's a link to the column incase you can't view the video.:

  4. I disagree. The term is "duller than a day out in Rhyl".

    Trip is running scared that his overtly aggresive political leanings may be coming to an end and dinosaurs such as him will become extinct within a year.

    Once they do, not only will fellow Americans breath a sigh of relief but it may increase the USAs popularity around the world (thats a polite way of saying they'll not be everyones enemy).
  5. This would only qualify as news to anyone as stupid and uninformed as you.

    As to whether America is a centre-right country, I guess we'll find out in November.
  6. At which point anyone with an IQ over 20 switches off. She was kicked off Fox News for being too much of a whackjob.
  7. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    More on Michelle Obama. ...

    Obama called hypocrite for wife's Wal-Mart link
    By Philip Sherwell in New York, Sunday Telegraph

    As a fluent public speaker, independent-minded wife, devoted mother and professional woman, Michelle Obama has been hailed as an invaluable asset to her husband Barack's mission to capture the Democratic 2008 presidential nomination.

    Yet, while her style and performance are winning plaudits on the campaign trail, a little-reported business interest of Mrs Obama's has opened her husband up to one of the criticisms that politicians fear most - the taint of hypocrisy.

    She is taking a break from her main job, as a well-remunerated Chicago hospital executive, to campaign for her husband. But she has just been re-elected to the board of an Illinois food-processing company, a position she took up two years ago to gain experience of the private sector.

    And the biggest customer for the pickles and peppers produced by Treehouse Foods is the retail giant Wal-Mart, the world's largest corporation and the bête noire of American liberals, including Sen Obama, for its employment practices, most notably its refusal to recognise trade unions.


  8. yeah tripe,
    You have indulged us with links at ad nauseam on this topic. We get it you have an aversion of blacks and have a “hate on” for Obama. Good for you furthering the Obama campaign on the internet, he’s glad to have you as a surrogate!

    Seeing that you fail to indulge us with anything more then links to something written/posted by others would you please divulge something more then journalistic vomit? You are a racist, right? You hate Obama because he will pilfer you’re reservist pension and spend the proceds on the lower dregs of society. He will impede you’re next cruise/flight to Oz.

    Mod edit - unacceptable racist comment deleted.
  9. It's funny how Yank rednecks, NRA gun-nuts, inbred hillbillies and the Septic lumpen proletariat generally have had it drilled into their misshapen noggins that Liberals Are Bad. It hasn't happened in Britain. There isn't the same rampant liberal hatred amongst C2s. Why is that?

    Are Yank C2s more ignorant than their British equivalent - an effect of under-funded US public education? Or is it a consequence of greater church attendance in the US and anti-Liberal propaganda spread from pulpits by clergymen? Or does it arise from racism? White trash hate liberals because they speak up for blacks and oppose lynchings? Or does the phenomenon have its roots in the historic absence of a mass socialist movement in America? It can’t be just poor genes. There must be some element of social conditioning. But what is it?
  10. McCarthyism.
  11. Good point. So it's an effect of the sharper capitalist-communist divide in Cold War America compared to Western Europe. Interesting how McCarthyism echoes down the ages and infects the heads of people like Trip_Wire. Poor wee fella, being conditioned by a notorious drunk, red-baiter and proven liar:

  12. looks like "liberal" means different things in the different countries? Over there, its associated with these types of people; http://www.zombietime.com/beach_impeach_iv/in our language, say "lefties" whereas over here its associated with a party that hasn't been in power for 80 years and won't be for another 80.
  13. If Obama irritates Trip_Wire this much then I urge all US citizens on ARRSE to vote for him.

    Unfortunately there is also a cadre of people in the UK (and on ARRSE) for whom Liberal is a dirty word. Too often the likes of Richard Littlejohn and other odious Mail and Expressesque hacks link the word Liberal to the worst connotations of political correctness and any Liberal view is dismissed by many people as "hand wringing" and further evidence that we are all "going to hell in a handcart".

    Liberalism is not a bad thing, instantaneously dismissing any point of view under the banner of Liberalism is.
  14. I thought the father of British Liberalism was John Stewart Mill, who wrote:

    Could a banjo-twanging Septic fella explain what's wrong with that please?
  15. Troops. On the election thread, Trip and others were slapped for personal attacks resulting in self aggrandising replies that had nob all to do with the thread.

    Yes Trip does post stuff that I don't agree with. I don't feel the need to attck him - his views yes, him personally - no.



    Was beyond the pale. You don't like him, I get it. He doesn't like Obama. Nothing I have read says that he dislikes his skin colour, just his politics. I'll happily call people a racist if I feel I have the proof. I just don't think you do.

    Can we get back to the thread topic?

    Personally I feel that the word Liberal has been allowed to be sullied by the Dems running scared and the Reps being able to set the conversation parameters.

    The L word makes you unelectable? Perhaps that is why the USA has had the Governments its had (deserves?) over the last 16 years.
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