Obama. Am I the only one whos sick of hearing about the **?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by EX_STAB, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. So a descendant of voluntary immigrants has become US President. Just like every other US President.

    When a Native American gets the post I'll start taking an interest...

    Why people over here are wnaking over it as though they'd voted for him themselves is completely beyond me.
  2. Im sick of hearing about the first half white president too but he ticks all the boxes for our liberal media so your stuck with him. And pray he doesnt get slotted it will be Diana all over again
  3. When the Septics find out they'll boot him out.

    Obama Exposed
  4. I aint gonna vote fer no man who dont play a banjo.
  5. Anything happens to Mr. Obama, it would be a tragedy for US - on the par of when they lost Lincoln and JFK. That spoilt tart dying in a car accident is nowhere in the same league.
  6. simply, no your not the only one, the bbc is on overdrive
  7. apparently Canteen cowboy is sick of it as well!!!!! ;)
  8. victor feckin meldrew
  9. oh gawd this looks like a thread for me!!

    sick and tired of him already! especially the europeans who lived in Washington for a couple of years talking into camera's with tearful eyes about how great this moment is etc etc etc

    i don't even know exactly what policies he actually wants to adopt, all i've constantly been told is;

    he wants to change a whole load of stuff.... he's black.... he's the first black man to become president.... he's black.... his father's from Kenia.... his mother died recently.... he's black.... his grandmother from Kenia flew to umerika... he's black... he had a great holiday in Hawaii... he's black... he went to have a hotdog or something with normal average people and gave a good tip... he's black

    if he's assassinated the US is in big domestic trouble... and so are we since it'll be another Diana as joey said.

    so hopefully he doesn't get slotted and people lose their enthiusiasm after a few months after realising he's only human
  10. It will be a tragedy when Obama's "people" use it as an excuse for another few days of rioting apart from that he is no messiah just another liberal media darling.
  11. To top it all,the Welsh Tw*t that was commentating kept calling the Mall,the "Maul",and the nice little classical piece played by Yoyo Mar (Simple Gifts?Appalacian Spring by Aaron Copeland),was (sic) arranged and composed by John Williams. :roll:

    He should really p**s of back to the Trumpton Fire Station with his mates. :D

    The programme's only redeeming feature,was keeping Anne Robinson of my television. :wink:
  12. Amen to that brother...God bless Ameriki
  13. No one ever said he was the messiah - no one thinks he is - only the duly elected president of the US. And as such, it would be a tragedy if something were to happen to him.
  14. Maggie Thatcher was the duly elected Prime minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland but your lot tried to top her if an Iraqi did for Obama would you justify that in the same terms ?
  15. Did anyone notice in his speech the subtle refrences to all the other speeches ever written for past Presidents?

    You'd think he could have come up with something more original.

    Anyway, I think he's the second coming, the bringer of light, The Peoples Judian Front......