Obama a Muslim

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by tehori, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. Strange those videos showing Palin supporters ranting that Obama is a Muslim.
    So what if he is a Muslim, does the President of the USA have to be Christian ?

    I notice General Powell mentioning that a US soldier of the Muslim faith is buried in Arlington.
    Has a US soldier of the Muslim faith who was KIA earned the right to be buried in Arlington or not ?
  2. Are you for real?? If he\she has served his\her Country and has died in the Service of His\her Country then he\She deserves to be buried in Arlington. Doesnt matter what faith the choose to follow. And If they are Muslim they dont have to do any more or less to EARN there place.
  3. When the Indian army served alongside the British army religion had no place or say in the matter of the burial of men who fought for their King Emperor. All armies honour their dead regardless of their beliefs
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  4. Obama isen't Muslim though is he?
  5. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    I think you're referring to this young lad: Kareem Rashid Khan RIP

    This is the photo that Powell was referring to:

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  6. No - he's a Christian. And you have to wonder what agenda the Christian right are pushing by trying to portray him as a Muslim. And if he was - so what?

    And far too many of these deluded retards seem to think that that current operations are the crusades reborn.
  7. The sad fact is that many (rednecks, sh1tkickers) will take this statement as gospel, as if they need any encouragement.
  8. I think you might want to go and learn the definition of a rhetorical question before you check out the keys the the Outrage Bus, old chap. :roll:
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  9. Whyh can't they be fecking atheist -.-
  10. Because they have a mind of their own, im atheist yet i still beleive that everyone has the right to opinion and choice in what they beleive, you narrow minded fool.
  11. Wow, another example of an unhealthy obcession with the US. Say, maybe Her Majesty is actually a closet Muslim? There are several that say The Prince of Wales ex-wife was killed because she was carrying a muslim baby in her womb. Must be true, I thought I read it in the Guardian, or was that the Independent, or the ...?
  12. I think that was Jonah in the whale? Now if you mean the Princess of Wales? you could be on to something.
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  13. Thanks for the catch...besides I liked the Princess, just not her choice of Husband, but then again not my business is it?

    As for Barrack Hussein I am not a Muslim, I think he is a piece of shit, a liberal/socialist and according to Muslim juris-prudence if one's father is a Muslim then they are as well, I rest my clase, "me lord." But of course you Brits would know this since you seem to know everything about everyone else. I wonder how many of you have actually even visited the United States? Few, I am sure! Where as I have spent quite a lot of time in Wales (nice spelling) and England.
  14. You were trying to state in your white, hardworking manner, I rest my case Mi Lord.
    So should US Muslim soldiers be interned in Arlington ?
    Or should it be kept for Christian soldiers only ?
  15. It is absolute nonsense to say a Muslin, Jew, Athiest or Wiccan or anyone else cannot be buried in Arlington National Cemetary.

    ANC has fairly strict eligibility rules ANC Rules clicky but no religious restriction. All graves now have to have stones of uniform size. They have a wide range of symbols for beliefs including some for religions I have never heard of (headstone design clicky). The symbol of belief is the only graphic allowed except that those who earned the Medal of Honor have the MoH engraved on the stone also.

    I firmly believe that there is no truth to the "Obama is Muslim" nonsense. He is a Baptist which is a mainstream Protestant church. I am not voting for him but that has nothing to do with his religious beliefs or color but a lot to do with his political beliefs.