oatmeal block its not litter its archaeology!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brighton hippy, Jun 13, 2008.

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  1. feck that.............. they are just TASTY.
  2. Mmmmm...nice big 58 pattern mug of milky coffee and an oatmeal block (preferably reclining on the louvres of a 432)...deliciousness personified.
  3. It is both a civil and military offence...
  4. oooooh vintage
  5. A few years ago the T family visited the National amy museum.Thet were doing cooking through the ages outside the entrance,but because of health and safety couldn't serve what they had cooked.
    I saw the ration packs and as we were the only ones there they let eldest t have pick of the box,quick whisper in the ear and in his mitt he had a tin of oatmeal blocks.pure pleasure and such memories flooded back.
    Often look at e bay but refuse to buy what is probably stolen rations.
    Mouth watering even now
  6. Oatmeal block with a chunk of cheese possessed and a scraping of jam!
  7. I remember aged 15 eating cold bacon burger straight from the tin in my (probably very overt) OP in wales and thinking I was nails.

    Is it true its all in heatable packets now?

  8. Dream on mate...
  9. They have a museum for the old trout now????

  10. that's what i'm talking about. mmmmmmmmmmm
  11. Oatmeal block with melted chocolate on, now that is good.
  12. Has to be strawberry jam mind!

    Cullinary exquisitness :hungry:
  13. OMG Oatmeal block, I can feel the pangs of hunger starting :D
  14. London Protectives

    Here's the real mystery from page two.

    Must have had, "ritual significance," as they say.