oatmeal block its not litter its archaeology!!!!!!!!!

Mmmmm...nice big 58 pattern mug of milky coffee and an oatmeal block (preferably reclining on the louvres of a 432)...deliciousness personified.
A few years ago the T family visited the National amy museum.Thet were doing cooking through the ages outside the entrance,but because of health and safety couldn't serve what they had cooked.
I saw the ration packs and as we were the only ones there they let eldest t have pick of the box,quick whisper in the ear and in his mitt he had a tin of oatmeal blocks.pure pleasure and such memories flooded back.
Often look at e bay but refuse to buy what is probably stolen rations.
Mouth watering even now
I remember aged 15 eating cold bacon burger straight from the tin in my (probably very overt) OP in wales and thinking I was nails.

Is it true its all in heatable packets now?

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