I was given my start date yesterday (21st July at Catterick going royal scots) by my CSM. She then told me that the only contact I would have between now and training would be emails with tickets and JIs.... Is the oath now done at catterick? and I thought there was some kind of formal job offer?

Does anyone know how these are done now?
I'd like to know the answer to that as well :p

would make sence to do it at catterick tho

when did you pass selection by the way? and what grade did you get

sup rec

Book Reviewer
The formal job offer is a letter from the NRC that you sign and send back. It is confirmation that you know what job you have been enlisted for. If you get to Phase 1 and try saying you thought you were doing a different trade (as used to happen) they will show the letter you signed. By signing it you are agreeing that you are going to training for the job (and cap badge) identified in the letter. The oath is done at your Phase 1 training establishment. It can still be done at a careers office but is really only a photo opportunity for parents. You would do it again on day one anyway and then sign your enlistment paperwork.
Thanks sup rec.
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