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  1. do you have to take your oath 14 days before you start training or is it up to you ?
  2. I took mine on 15 Aug and my first day was 4 Sep. Some places make you take the oath when you turn up on day one.
  3. mine is on 14 dec and i dont start until 10 jan, but thats prob because of xmas
  4. Your oath is normally completed at your ACIO/AFCO up to a month before you go to phase 1 training and will be booked by your careers advisor. You dont attest and sign your contract till the first day of training now at Phase 1.
  5. I go on the same date mate, I haven't heard when i'm doing my oath yet but my recruiter said i will get a letter through a week or so before to tell me when it is.
  6. Ive got my oath in 12 days and start phase 1 at pribright 6 days after.
  7. i dont think we can have it any earlier because of xmas, your start date is 10/01 too isnt it?
  8. Yes 10th Jan mate.
  9. Arent the Oath of Allegiance and the attestation one and the same?
  10. You used to say your OATH and sign your attestation paperwork(contract)at the ACIO two or three weeks before you started basic training. Now you do your Oath two or three weeks before Phase 1 but dont sign your attestation paperwork(contract) till your first day of basic training.
  11. does anyone know why this is? curiosity again
  12. Yes, the fact that the documentation is done later does not alter it.
  13. Again. I commence phase 1 on 10/01/2010 , however I've my Oath on 4th December. So it vaguely differs but you ordinarily have your oath prior to Basic.

    Syn :)
  14. My oath is on the 3rd of March and I start ITC Catterick on the 7th soonly 4 days apart
  15. My Oath is on 6th January and I start ITC Catterick on 10th January.