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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Little_Butch, Mar 21, 2011.

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  1. All set to do my oath of allegiance tomorrow, how long does it take and what does it involve?
    I've been told you get a days wages, is there any truth in this?
  2. Yes you do £1.50 and a cheese sarnie
  3. Takes about 5 mins. I think I got £15 or so, but that was in 1994.
  4. Nothing really exciting to be honest, did mine at my local TA centre, in my civvies, with another bloke at my side, read the whole I swear by almighty god blah blah than the PSAO shook our hands, congrats! your british army soldiers!
  5. Well in the dim and distant it took about 10 mins, and a days pay (the kings\queens shilling) then off to the pub to spend the easiest days pay you will ever earn
  6. I didn't get paid squat! Although I did get a lovely painting of the 95th and a book on 'Leadership: The Rifles Way'
  7. Just turn up suited and booted, take family if you want to, you will be there about 20-30 minutes all together, quick chat with your Recruiter any final paperwork, up stairs in front of an officer they will have a brief chat with you and parents read Oath of Allegiance and thats it. You DO NOT get paid any money now a days, in fact you dont even get BFH.
  8. fucks sake!! I only got a tenner!
  9. I got about £11 in 1987, seeing I was getting £27.30 a week on a YTS at the time it was like Id won the jackpot for half hours work....unfortunately for at least the past 8 years since Ive been in the Recruiting world you dont get paid.
  10. Which you pay back on your first pay parade. :)
  11. I remember being tossed a card by a Medic after being told we didn't need a cough and drop (guess we weren't good looking enough to have our bollox held by her) she said "Just read that for a second" as I read I realised it was the oath. It all went downhill from there!
  12. That cut and dried eh?
  13. Do you still get given the bible that you swear the oath on? For some reason i still have mine from 1976.
  14. Cuts and all...no you dont get to keep it now a days.
  15. Thanks, went in got briefed then read the oath.. Was over in about 15 minutes