Oath tomorrow - What can i expect????

So I am really looking forward to starting Phase 1 and all the training has gone well; tomorrow i have my oath and to be honest I am not sure what to expect.

Aside from the usual jokes, if anyone could help me out and let me know what to expect and what to prepare i would really appreciate it.

basically mate you turn up wearing smart interview clothes, your recruiter will sit you down and give you a copy of the oath to read. you go upstairs/another room then with your recruiter and a high ranking officer (mine was anyway). the oath is up on the wall just read it out in front of them 2 or any family/friends who are with you then your done, the high ranking officer will then sign your oath of allegiance. think your recruiter will then give you rail warrant and joining instructions if you havent already had them. enjoy it mate its a very proud moment! good luck
I hope so :D got mine soon lol. Maybe a silly question to some but serious for me, do you get an armed forces card when joining the army?


No press ups or star jumps but hopefully the start of a great time career or just a short break from civvy street!
Turn up, read some stuff from a card, have photo taken and go down pub with bloke who swore you in for him to buy you a pint.

Well, you do if you're lucky enough to have your Dad swear you in. :D
Nearly twenty years to the day since I did mine. Can still remember it. You used to get half a days pay as the modern equivalent of the Queens shilling. Don't know if they still do that.
Good luck
adamb said:
I hope so :D got mine soon lol. Maybe a silly question to some but serious for me, do you get an armed forces card when joining the army?
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mac_uk said:
Do you still get the Queens Shilling after the Oath?
No. You don't even get a days pay anymore (cost cutting?) or even sign the paperwork until you get to training. Complete waste of time really as it has no significance at all and is just a ritual now.

You have to say "Heirs and successors" three times when you read from the card. For those of you who can't read properly or get nervous, to save you looking a complete cnut if you have any witnesses you say "AIRS and successors" and not "Hairs and successors" :oops:
I wouldn't exactly say its a waste of time or just a ritual, more a declaration of intent.
Never hurts to be reminded why the green machine does what it does, regardless of the political sh*te that goes with it.


It meant a lot in my day and again when we all had to say it again on our passing out parade!
So I had my Oath this morning and I have to say it is another step towards my ultimate goal of becoming a soldier.

Are all Majors 'jolly hockystick, private school boy types?' lol! You could just tell that he was seriously bord but he tried to mask it the best he could.

Great though, really proud moment.

Cheers for the advice guys
So do you get a picture taken at your oath? And I dont think anyone see my question (or maybe you did but ignored it :p) Do you get an armed forces card when joining the army?
i think you might get that when you get to basic, in your case catterick init...but i think some one said before that yu do get it at basic, i aint sure though, as i havent been there yet...

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