Oath of Allegience to HM the Queen


im guessing it will be to do with finalising the application, or maybe checking the GCSE results? etc


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carolm said:
hey my daughter
has her oath the 15th of december
but has a documentation cheek the day before can anyone tell
us what the documentation cheek is and what it is for
If she is under 18 it is very likely so they can ensure that they get the MOD486 back from you before hand, this is the parental consent form that must be completed before she can be enlisted.

Every office is different though, when i arrange pre-attestations i just ask them to turn up on the day, they go through the ceremony and that is it done and dusted :)

am i right in thinking that the list in the back of civilian to soldier is the list we need to go by, for the things that they need to take to afc.


done my oath yesterday the stuff on my joining instructions thier were a few items not mentioned in the civilian to soldier book though

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