Oath of Allegiance

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by DanJJardim, Jun 3, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    Going to swear my Oath of Allegiance next week starting basic on 7th July at Pribright (very excited! :D ).

    Just out of interest what does the Oath entail. is it just going down there for 20 minutes, swearing the Oath and dissapearing or is it more than that?

  2. No, first they tie you to a chair and beat you for 9 hours with a bible..........
  3. Its like what the yanks do in high school and whack you with a big battern to be in the crew.
  4. OK so prior to the beatings etc is it just the Oath?
  5. You will go through your contract with your recruiter to ensure all the details are correct also that the dates are explained to you , ie, the earliest you can leave or the longest you can serve. You will be given all the relevent joining instructions and travel details you require. Then you will take your oath..... depending on how proud you are will depend on how this moment will be for you......its a big step!!

    Then once done you will be told to feck off and get an haircut you orrible little individual............

    Enjoy the day fella, i remember mine very clearly from 21 years ago.....
  6. go to do my oath on the 10th on june, cant wait. got catterick on the 1st of july.

    exciting stuff!

    good luck everyone
  7. also another question about tho oath...do you have to dress in a suit or smartly?
  8. 30 years in August it does stay with you for while good luck
  9. Personal standards apply
    But turn up in your usual trackie and ''box-fresh'' trainers and its highly unlikely you will remember it for the right reasons
  10. Shirt, tie and trousers. No fecking trainers and be proud.
  11. You get taken into a room, maybe 3 or 4 other lads doing it at the same time. Also, you may get a certificate of commitment from your chosen regt/corps.