Oath of allegiance

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by SoldierBeesley, Nov 26, 2007.

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  1. hey guys just a quick question about the oath. I have it on December 3rd. my question is will I need to bring a parent to sign any sort of form(s). I would have rang my recruiter but iv bothered him enough over the past few weeks lol.

    Thnaks to any replys.

  2. If you are under 18 then a parent or guardian will need to sign with you.
  3. The oath?

    Parental consent should have already been filled in and handed in before attestation... I didn't need mine with me, only to sign the forms I took along. Best bet, phone the recruiter, but I'd have said not.
  4. I dont acctually know if there are any forms to sign but it just popped into my head that there could be something that needs signing which i am not of age to sign.
  5. In the New Year, no papers will be signed at the recruiting office. It will all be done at the ATR.

    I know its not relevant, but I thought some people might like to know.
  6. At present you should of been given your parental consent form to be signed by your parents or guardians normally on your documentation check. This form requires to be completed before you sign your contact 271A, you should of already recieved a copy of your contract 271W to look through your terms of service and seen your colour service and pension dates. If your under 18 you cannot join unless your parental consent form is signed and you and the ACO (attesting officer) sign the 271A.

    Chillpill i had heard rumours when i was recruiting a few years back that documentation was going to be done at the ATR's instead of the ACIO. This was binned as a bad idea and counter productive and felt it ould cause problems, I take it from your comment that theyve rethought it and are doing it from next year :?
  7. Attestation at ATR's will not happen for a while yet! Problems with TRHA rollout and Veng something or other +funding has put the kybosh on it! I got the e-mail today, also the rumour that ADSC's would do it has also been binned, thank ****.
  8. Iron i have not recieved any letters at all, i have rang my recruiter and told him iv not had any letters but he just keeps telling me he'll see me on the 3rd. I dont want to get there for 10am via bus which takes an hour to be told that I cant procide because i havnt got parential consent. What wuld you advise I do?

  9. Take a parent?
  11. has your parents signed anything during the process of joining?
    I only ask because i when i joined up the very first form i filled in was a generic mod form and the old dear signed that, and that was the only thing she signed.
  12. If your Recruiter says that then do it as he says, the system may of changed since last year and go with your parents if you can. Are you sure the 3rd is your attestation and not your Docs check? When are you starting at the ATR? Im only going on what I did with my applicants and things may of changed since last year and you may of had your consent form signed by your parents at a different time if your under 18.
  13. My two mates, in august swore their oath without any parents present
  14. Im 100% positive that it is my attestation, my mum had to sign some stuff when I had been handed my application forms.

    And thanks Leguy, maybe i dont have to at all then!
  15. Well, that is all done and dusted and according to the contract i am now offically a British Soldier, woop! the army now own my sorry ARRSE!