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Oath of Allegiance

Oaths ? if that slippery little twa# of an SNP mp is to be believed ( sic).
crossing your fingers like an infantile oaf , whilst swearing an oath to her maj,
nullifys it but still allows you to get your nose in the trough.
So in the modern age integrity seems very pick and mix.
AS GMF wrote, if they cannot be trusted to keep their marriage vows, and defiantly proclaim 'everyone does it' when caught philandering,, then how can we trust em as MPs?


Let's see...

I took an oath when I joined the Army,
Then I got the Commission scroll,
I took an oath when I became a cop,
I took a further oath when I became a federal public servant,
When I worked for the Province on three one-year contracts, I had to take an oath each year.

I think I'm pretty much obligated to obey everybody now.


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