Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by WhiteHorse, Aug 18, 2005.

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  1. Sorry about this, trying to settle an argument, Oasis, we think did a video which featured a pair of Lynx helicopters. Anyone remember it, if so what was it called.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. They did have a video which featured several contributing members of ARRSE (allegedly) and a couple of lynx. Best ask Flash he knows lots............................
  3. I think it was "D'you Know What I Mean?".
  4. It was. But, apparently, they only got the use of one lynx so had to enhance the video by adding more helicopters using CGI - if only computers could enhance their music so easily!
  5. Hussar! Thanks for your help. It is D'you know what I mean?
  6. Don't advertise the fact. It might give the Defence Procurement Agency ideas.
  7. Just watched the video, more choppers on there than in the AAC!
  8. Are you talking about pilots or aircraft?
  9. If there was one job in this mans army I always wanted it was Chopper Pilot. Too old now, regret never having attempted it.
  10. Ditto.

    Although in hindsight they are all still cnuts!!!!
  11. Yeh...Barstewards.

    Still wouldnt mind being a pilot though
  12. ah well you could always rebadge; and you could, in between refueling duties, attempt door gunner training such as has done the mighty cock of the North, Sucsess at this level will enable you to pass yourself off as 'Aircrew' wearing a flight suit and some poxy arm badges in a village hovell somewhere near Ipswich, Dishforth, Salisbury, et al