Oasis Video featuring AAC???

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by jasonl64, Oct 12, 2005.

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  1. Just seen the video for D'you Know What I Mean which features lots of Lynx helicopters. Ok so its a crxp song and a crxp band, with the viedo being over edited and helicopters being cut, copy and pasted everywhere, but it leaves me with a few questions....

    1 Is it the AAC (KAPE publicity??)

    2 Where was it shot

    3 Is there a trend to used British forces in films / tv and music?

    4 Maybe someone on this site took part.......
  2. to my knowledge the catering corps had disbanded for Oasis were even formed.
  3. Wah

    AAC not ACC
  4. Yeah erm thanks Heywood_Jablowme - you've really "Helped"

  5. isn't a walt a wannabe?
    yes it was a stab at a wah.
    sense of humour bypass?
  6. 1 - 9 regt AAC

    2 - London Docklands

    3 - If the mood takes the director, and he can't be bothered paying extras so gets squaddies for free

    4 - Maybe, but not me!!

    Cut + Paste all over the place, i believe only 3 cabs were actually used, but maybe someone who actually took part could clarify.
  7. Actually, only 2 Lynx, both from 671 Sqn, SAAvn.
    Filmed over 2 afternoons.

    The Gallagher brothers were obnoxious half wits.
  8. probably upset to find you didnt fly hueys :lol:

    Just a thought open door gallagher brother long drop someone must have been tempted :twisted: