OAP Walt

Apparently his own daughter dobbed him in stating that he was never in the forces. She said he was a fantasist. Stupid boy. :D
Now he I can see why he walted...imagine being a reserved occupation gardener and bottom of the fanny totem pole behind Poles, Yanks, Colonials and home-grown servicement, then the AFS, Specials, ARP FFS!

Over the years his inability to join a conversation amongst his peers with anything more interesting than "I remember back in '43 I had some hardy perennials to propagate" would have finally worn down his sense of decency.

He should have done his research, like my great Uncle Ebeneezer the sewer mechanic. He walted from 83-94 as the sole survivor of the Even Longer Range Desert Group...his walting tied in with the fact he wasn't released from Pentonville until late 1946. Moreover there wasn't even an ELRDG - so nobody could check his story.

Sadly he died during a 49 PARA reunion when he choked on a pickled egg in the snug of the Ferret and Bren Gun.

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