OAP dies after yobs block ambulance

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. Absolutely sickening. :x
  2. For once in total agreement with TAZ, what a bunch of CNUTS :x
  3. Read this yesterday i think it was, Bl*ody attrocious!
  4. as usual we will have all the comments of sickening and terrible blah blah but is anyone surprised at all?? this country is rife with ferile and chav scrotes . not quite sure what the answer to it all is but a swift tw at round the ear by some one in authority as well as a decent justice system to put them off attacking the local emergency services might help a tad. As a youngster i was a bit naughty to say the least but after a few visits off the local dibble and a few threats off them i certainatly changed my ways . anyone who has read "wasting police time" by david copperfield will see what is happening to this country with its nampy pampy answer to criminal and anti social activity. Bring back conscription haha
  5. I've never heard of an ambulance being physically obstructed before, with a resulting fatality.

    This is a new low.
  6. Shocking... makes me want to mount a GPMG to ambulance and drive around Wigan.

  7. When we did OP Fresco in Sheffield we had CNUTS trying to ambush the police and Green Goddesses with stones whilst on the way to 999 calls. A few frustrated squaddies did retaliate at times while the police (werent looking)
  8. Give the w*nkers to 2 para to play with :idea: :D
  9. Got to say, this is a new low. I have been aware for some time that Fire engines get blocked in some cities, and attacked, but this is the forst I've heard of ambulances being blocked. Atrocious. I hate the youth of today, and I'm 19...
  10. absolutely disgraceful. those responsible need to be severely dealt with although the courts will be as soft as usual. the ambulance crew should have just drove straight at the motorbike and wrecked it. worry about the consequences later if there was to be any. might have made the cnuts think again before repeating this event
  11. Hobbs did a study on violence in the Health Service in the mid 1980's and violence against ambulance crews was one of the most high risk areas. A member of the health service in 1984 was 20 times more likely to be assaulted than a member of the public according to his research.
    It is quite rare however for someone they are treating to die as a result though.
    BTW although not new, its fcking disgusting
  12. What are the chances these cnuts being done for murder, or even manslaughter. Not likely.
  13. This story sickens and worries me. Even in the worst "ghettos" in the states, I doubt if an ambulance would be attacked.

    A friend of mine who's been caught up in the flooding told me earlier in the week that chavs in Gloucestershire were vandalising the water bowsers and letting the water out (as in, vandalising for kicks... Not even so they could steal the water).

    I don't know what should be done. The police have their hands tied and most of the ones around here are pathetically scrawny or 5 foot nothing girls anyway.

    Sh*t. Isn't it?
  14. They all need a good thrashing with the Birch. SCUM.