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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Timpatient, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    I remember finding a spreadsheet on here some time ago that had a price list for Oakley SI sunglasses and goggles, and also how to order. Unfortunately with the change in the design of the forum I don’t seem to be able to search back that far. Does anyone have a copy of the list, know what that company was (it was very cheap!), or have any other good ideas?

  2. I put it up, however, it was from 2006/2007, so may be out of date. Google for Oakley UK, and drop them an email to get the latest pricelist. Then you can post it up yourself,
  3. I phoned them last month but found them to be well overpriced compared to the US offer.

    In the US via the SI website you can get the half jacket SI array for around $60, in the UK the price was £140.
    Obviously Oakley UK do not appreciate their forces as much as Oakley US

    If you really want some, These folk have a good selection
  4. You'll find with Oakleys the us price relates directly to the UK ie if it says $60 in US it normally £60 in the UK ie twice the cost.

    If you look on the military site for Oakley all the NSNs are on there, go to the industrial (Safety Glasses) part of the Oakleys site and it takes you to their dedicated military site.

    Speak directly to them, they may supply direct if you tell them your forces, they like that sort of crap.
  5. I'll give that a go. Thanks everyone
  6. I signed up to the SI site and they accepted my ID but wouldn't ship to UK. I was then directed to Oakley UK and I wish it was a $-£ conversion but it was more like 4 times the price.
  7. Does anyone know the price of prescription SI's as my eyelids are to tight for contacts.
    Also, cheaper US RX or cheaper UK RX.

    Cheers Guys