Oakley Desert Boots

Must be good. Featured heavily in the American future warrior programme, IWS. Failing that have you considered Converse Warriors. I know of several people who use them and they say they are the muts nuts.
I wore a pair last year on Telic 8 and to honest wasn't that impressed with them ,they did not stand up to the rigours of patrolling and only lasted 3 months before the sole started to come away from the uppers. I ended up binning them and wearing my issued boots
l wore them pretty much all the time on telic 10, but as above they do take a hammering and l needed a new set after three months.

The soles are a soft compound that wore out alarmingly quick, and they did come unstuck in a couple of places

That said, they were extremely comfy, lightweight and were cool to wear (temperature, not trying to sound ally) and so much so when l got back l bought black leather ones - excellent

dont pay more than £65 for them though

lve seen them advertised fro up too £125!!
Converse warriors seamed to be the boots of choice, get them out there from the Yank camps for about £70

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