Oakley Assault Gloves

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by ouyin, Feb 19, 2012.

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  1. Having spent an hour of my precious sunday cruising round various online military shops I can't find a single one that has medium Tan Oakley Assault Gloves in stock.

    1. Does anyone know of any website or shop that has them in stock?

    2. Does anyone perhaps have a spare pair lying round the house (as you do)?

    3. When's the next batch of these gloves being sent to distributors?

    4. Is G10 really for men?

  2. Caecilius

    Caecilius LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    G10 is definitely for men. Oakley assault gloves are also for men. Conveniently, these gloves now come as part of the operational 'Black Bag' issue so you won't have to make a choice between them.
  3. Intelligent Armour have them.
  4. Having recently received a pair and used them on one op ,im glad i didnt pay for them .

    stitching failed on the thumb web on both gloves after 4 light days use....im not the only one to have this happen either, also get very slippy when lifting and carrying .Dont reckon they would survive a full tour.

    Will go back to using the ones i brought with ......lots cheaper as well .
  5. Overrated IMHO very much paying for the brand, I use disciple gloves, not quite as ally looking but one pair lasted a whole tour and have only just started to give, you can get them on fleabay.
  6. Cheers Dollsteeth, I'll have a look at them.

    Ceaceilius, with approx 12 months before I'm eligable to go somewhere hot and sandy I figure I may as well buy them now. Haven't got much else to spend my pay on appart from TAM paper and large numbers of SOUP's. Any idea if they come in the kit issue for PCD?
  7. I bought the Wiley X gloves out of the USMC px in Leatherneck....worked a treat and never fell apart like the Oakley jobs

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  8. My Oakleys lasted to the end of the tour but the leather on the back of the hand went hard and started to split from sweat.
    The thumb web did start to split too.

    Overall though I thought they were better than the issue gloves.

    John Bulls in Catterick sell them.
  9. Viper gloves are quite good and cheap if that helps
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Is this "Viper - from the people that brought you Webtex" Viper, or something substantial ?
  11. stay away from the underarmour gloves they fall to bits
  12. This Tribe

    This Tribe Sponsor

    We don't stock them but the UK distributor (Level Peaks) has recently sent out this letter:

    Based on this I'd make sure you check with anyone showing availability that they actually have them in stock. If they don't, you could be waiting a while!
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Great quote from their website here:

    "Exposure of the skin to fire or flame can cause injury."

    Underarmour - staffed by rocket scientists.