Oainting a Dolls' House

I want to paint my daughter's dolls' house. It's made of what appears to be a soft-wood laminate.

Question - do I need to size the wood (if I did I was thinking 50/50 PVA glue and water) or just use a wood undercoat?

Check with the manufacturer first. It looks like it has already been varnished so it might need rubbing down even if it does not need any other preparation.



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looks like it is made of plywood. just give light sanding with a fine grade sandpaper, wipe it over with a damp cloth to remove any loose dust and then paint it.


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Don't paint it!! All you are doing if you go ahead with this is training your daughter to give her future partner a hard time. Just picture 20+ years "Why won't you paint the house? My Daddy did it for me!!"

Think of your potential future fellow ARRSER and the grief he is going to get after your training. Tell your daughter to paint it herself. Equality and all that :)
Look at that snapped knotted sheet on the fourth floor window.........

Action Ken was abseiling down to kick in the second floor window and rescue the Teletubbies when it snapped and he plumetted to the ground
Thanks for the replies (eventually, you lazy bastards :biggrin: ).

I actually painted it a few weeks ago - quick wipe down with a damp cloth, undercoat and then top-coat and glossed the window frames. When I have time I'll re-paint the brick areas with a brick colour, and I thought about using a white correction pen to simulate the mortar lines.
Don't start the motar lines a fifth of the way through you will wish you didn't. besides it would look to busy. Tell your daughter it has been rendered. Correction pen will be hard work on paint as well.
Some years ago I made a doll house for a godchild. Model supply stores sell textured model brick siding. less work and it will look better in the end.

Note: the siding comes in various scales, look at them all in person if possible.

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