O2 Thief

Does H_M_ARRSE live or die?

  • Die option 1- Die, and never come back.

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  • Die option2- Die, and come back with different name.

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  • Die option3- Die now, and forget the Sigs!

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  • Live Option 1- Live with the '02 thief', and grow up

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  • Live option 2- Live with it now, it will go in time

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Obviously and profoundly stating the obvious 'I have been marked as a 02 Thief'.

Upsetting the Sigs is suicide. But I did. The problem now is 'when 'others' read my posts they are blank.' More importantly members of the regiment i proudly aspire to join already are unhappy with me.

I’ve seen others go on the pointless unintelligent routes of annoying ARRSERS and in hindsight why would you?

I'm soon to start Phase 1 as a Sig and believe myself to be v.able and will make a good sponge for information!!

Does the '02 Thief' curse get lifted through time?
Is the curse for all forums?
Can H_M_ARRSE live or die? :shakefist:

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