O2 thief or valuable asset to the site

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by theoriginalphantom, May 19, 2006.

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  1. o2 Thief

  2. Valuable site member who should not have his/her name besmirched in such a manner as this

  1. The language this person uses changes, 90% sure it's someone well known having a wah... only time will tell!
  2. On the premise that some of us require an outlet for our spleen, I suppose you could maintain this idiot for a while but, to counter that, s/he's not even remotely amusing and thus should be deemed an O2 bandit. I do detect an element of wind up in the posts: some are semi coherent, Others, when a bite is achieved, intensify the factor that provoked the bite.
  3. The only part that actually annoyed me was the racist post, otherwise I'd ignore mostly it
  4. jesus, my own thread.
    you guys need to outlet your anger, here i am
  5. are you a pentwyn clone???
  6. im happy to have her as my mum
  7. theres been far worse said in this forum. how many threads on mongs have you created again?
  8. Aye point taken. People do get wound up on here quickly. Why not just ignore what they say (happens to a lot of members on here without them being an O2 thief :D) and talk around them, like the annoying bloke in a pub that butts in talking drivel? By Acknowledging their post and rising to the bait it means they win and carry on!
  9. I've not personally started any on mongs, well apart from this one,
  10. oh well, i have 3 friends, one of which is me, but we'll let that stand.

  11. Thats probably two more than me in real life...
  12. And one of them tries to rub shit on your face! some friend.
  13. ill be your friend, for a price and some sexual gratifiction
  14. Had to vote "Valuable site member who should not have his/her name besmirched in such a manner as this" as after reading the other thread I couldn't stop laughing.

    Sorry, I'll get me coat.