o2 theivery and general Fcuktardyness

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by halo_jones, Aug 11, 2007.

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  1. FP do one realy your constance attempts at thread derailment is bone there for i invite you to do the honorable thing and fetch the mess Webly

    i am done with your tinfoil crap and constant the man not the ball ie

    therefore Cnut off ....................
  2. HJ, are you a bit miffed with Frenchy? I'm getting a bit of a negitive vibe from your post :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  3. Agreed - looks like the relationship is doomed ....... :(
  4. well i would normaly say women scorned and all that ... but being a big fat lezzer.

    Naw just his ragging on 'Mark1234' i mean i dont always agree with what a lot of people post including Mark, and while i have been known to be a bitch of the highest order and go for the man not the ball occasionaly although i will be the first too play the 'painters are in card too'

    but the whole ragging on a Jnr rank for asking for clarification with the whole class war forlock tugging sh!te well............

    Fcuking smacks of the bully boy tatics this thread is discusing thus FP + hipocracy * by manhating bitch = NAFFI thread

    and i didnt want to derail the thread as that is FP bloody intension anyway.

    Did i mention i think he is a Fcuktard generaly either :)
  5. God dam it you're sexy when your mad H-J!

    Have you tried a voodoo doll or even a voodoo dildo *

    *both available from Von Harley Witch Wooooooooe Supplies Ltd
  6. Why is rank being brought into this it is the naafi bar after all?
  7. Interesting please foward sample imediately along with with jessica alba to instruct me in full and safe use of aformentioned Voodoo dildo :p

    ps did i mention that i have a rag on with FP ...... :?
  8. Hells teeth woman - remind me never to make you angry .............
  9. Got the painters in luv? Can you not fight your own battles or did it seem clever at the time to gob off in the NAAFI not unlike a small child in the classroom?

    Pick your tits up off the floor pet.

    2 sugars bint.
  10. throbber read the thread ..... and the NAAFI is for gobbing off .....
  11. See what you mean Halo - sounds like he's not had his pills this evening .........
  12. The irony is in real life I'm quite laid back, if I was anymore laid back I'd be asleep.

    Frenchperson see's himself as an outspoken crusader for all that's right , and that's why in his mind he cops a disproportionate ammount of abuse , nothing to do with the fact he's a holier-than-thou sanctimonious tw@t who goes around shouting abuse at everyone else.

  13. I have dispatched a sample to your gaff.....
    Tipping the Velvet Villa,
    Lady Love Lane,
    The Isle of Lesbos,

    I have run out of Jessica Alba's so have sent you a Jimmy Cranky.
  14. You know it sounds like you're suffering from a case of..........boo fcuking hoo....there....there.....there. Fcuking typical split arrse cnut.

    Get the kettle on luv.