O2 Armed Forces Offer

Couldn't quite believe this one, so rang them up, and got £75 for nothing!

As a member of the armed forces, you (and even five friends), can get free credit added to your account. I rang up, and they added £75 credit to mine.

Not sure what I'll use it for, as all my minutes and texts are already included. Although I do occasionally get charged for picture messages, premium rate numbers, calling abroad etc.

Get on it!

O2 | Rewards, promotions & competition Terms and Conditions - Armed forces promotion

Three cheers for O2!

Cadet leaders and walts need not apply.
I'm sure it would work fine Prince Albert. I did it over the phone - they just asked for my "8 digit number".


Book Reviewer
what about those with 6 digit numbers? do coutts even do mobile phones?
You all have 8 digit numbers now since the introduction of JPA. Those who think they still only have 6 are disregarding the two zeros at the start.
FYI Vodafone offer discounts to members of the forces also, I'm on it but can't remember what the deal is.
I was told only for contract and home broadband but they gave me free texts and picture messages as a goodwill gesture.
Gutted... sons just tried this and its only available to O2 contract customers over 18 and on a £20+ per month tarriff... BUT it is open to up to 5 friends and family too. Worth a look!

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