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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fatbadge, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. Simply go to the following website, http://www.meetingbingo.net
    Follow the instructions for printing off the scorecard and crack on!
    Distribute cards to the various guys n gals involved in the O group (clearly not the main man..) and eyes down....

    The winner is the one who marks off a clear line either vertically or horizontally across the card.

    Shouting BINGO! takes both daring and nerve but should ensure the duties lists are full for a while...
    Much better that a Buzzword be planned beforehand amongst the players in order to identify who has claimed the win.. pretty much a game within a game, the choice of buzzword can itself be as hard as the game of Bingo.

    Have fun and remember. Bingo is not just for the girls!
  2. I'm all set for 07 Jan 08, I am sure when the boss sets out his vision for 2008 there will be more than a few shouting Bingo :D

  3. I do like it but i think a squaddiesed one with terms like recce and and some buzz words would be better for an O group. Ive not been to that many O groups but ive never heard of gross margin or competitive advantage, however ''Go Kill cunts'' seems to appear all the time.
  4. But it might wake some of the elder statesmen up?
  5. I remember 'Jokers' - we all had jokers from packs of card and when the call 'joker' was made whilst displaying said card, one had 10 seconds to display or face a 'fine' - anywho, O Group, and one of the lads manages to get 'joker' into the conversation with a sneeky flash of the card and the ensuring farce pretty much wrote the duties list for the next 3 months!
  6. Another good one is Queen songs you have to try and get as many into a lesson or during an O group my record was 5 during a 10 minute BFAT lesson
  7. We had the same thing with flashcards when I was attached to 3 Fd Wksps in Tidworth in the early 90's, try getting to your wallet whilst on a road move at 30 mph as the other barsteward is driving past.
  8. My best call went 'Gas Gas Gas jokers' in the chamber while masking, said card being inside my respirator! Was pi$$ed for a weekend on the fines I earnt from that one!
  9. I had an oppo (bootie CSgt) who was hellbent on getting 'hairy testicle' into EVERY briefing he could when we were on a course. He managed it as well! :D

    A good buzzword to replace 'competitive advantage' would be 'connectivity' or 'the so what factor'.
  10. I earnestly tried to get the word "shennanigans" into every main broadcast pipe I made...with some success!
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