Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hutchi_101, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. Hi, just hoping for some words of wisdom from the guys who know what they're on about. I'm planning to join my local TA infantry unit as an Officer cadet in order to commence my training there. I'm done as much research and talking to guys as I can, and I've been told everything there is to be told about joining, selection, and the job of an officer etc. However I'm still rather confused as to exactly what you do as n O/Cdt for the year and half or so you are one... What do they do on an average drill night? Since O/Cdt isn't a rank as such, what is their actual rank? What do they do on weekends? etc etc... Anyone been through it or involved in, if you'd like to inform me of as much as you can be bothered to type, it'd be greatly appreciated.
    Cheers, Hutchi.
  2. Staying out the way and making tea... :cyclopsani:
  3. Re: rank,

    Here in the Australian reserves the rank is 'Staff-Cadet', its not really a rank per se, rather a form of probationary commission. Bottom of the food chain, same authority as Private Proficient.

    Down here we spend parade nights listening to lectures, then eating pizza and drinking beer in the mess.

    Weekends involve crawling around in the mud, and two week courses roll around every 3 months where you get taught MAD SKILLZ :bom:
  4. Not mapped onto the current pay scale, but O/Cdts are Private Soldiers of the appropriate class (starting at class 4, rising to class 2 (or class 1 in my case,)) before Commissioning.

    While an O/Cdt you're still in training, and technically outranked by any Trained Soldier. You weekends will be spent either doing officer training (as a Private Soldier in a OTW Rifle Platoon), or, if you're in Battalion, doing whatever your OC tells you to do.
  5. I just do the job of a normal rifleman and fit in where need although sometimes I get spamed to do a lecture or something or organise an event. But most of the time its with the Jocks.
  6. Cheers, sounds about what I thought, although it's sound a bit better to be in with it all, was worried you'd be seperated somewhat. I heard something about module courses being run by RCTs, do these mean your training progresses faster or anything along those lines. And generally, how long does your officer training last with the TA?
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Our OCdts barely spend any time with us, they are effectively posted to the Regional training team at the OTC. They work with them to do the various modules of the officer training scheme.

    If you go the direct entry route, you would go through your basic training with the RTC, before chosing your unit. If you join a unit and then go for officer training, you would attend the RTC later in your training. The pros and cons for the two options have been discussed on here - a quick search should find them.

    I think that the separation can be good, as the training (up to 2 years) allows time for them to develop away from the soldiers that they may have done their basic training with. They then reappear as 2Lts - the friendships may remain, but the working relationship will probably benefit from the brief time out of the system.
  8. But the old system wasn't broken, i.e. do your recruit training then go for a commission. The new system isn't totally wrong except that I believe you should have passed the board before starting it (if I'm wrong please correct me). I've heard numerous remarks about our OCdts that I wont repeat, taking the worst as a whole, it appears the officer status is being reduced from what it was.

    Guess it could be worse, in Yorkshire the unwritten rule was you had to get a tape before tried for a commission, if you didn't you were presumed crap until proven otherwise
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Polar, I went through the old system, so obviously it produces top quality officers :thumleft:

    I agree with the comment about candidates sitting the board as soon as possible - I know of some who have spent a year doing officer training only to fail at the board.

    Officer status being reduced I would disagree with. The candidates may have a greater spread of ability at the start of training, but I believe that the selection system still works. Obviously the commission is only the start of the training process - the rest is up to the unit.
  10. Personally I like working as rifleman while doing my commissioning course it keeps my knowledge up and allows me to get help from the SNCOs plus some units will let you work as section 2IC and the like which helps. Training will take a minimum of a year but don't rush it try and get as much experience as possible thats were I fcuked up tried to run before I could walk.

    PM me if you need any more info as am going through my course at the moment.
  11. Its the board thing you agreed with, unsuitable candidates etc -nearly boarders on desperation
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Under the old system of officer training after a suitable period of time in unit allowed for a relatively long internal selection procedure with candidates being watched for "officer like tendancies".

    The direct entry system relies on a shorter selection period, which leads to a greater possibility of a few "weak" candidates slipping through the net.

    I believe that most of them do get picked up, just later on in the process.
  13. I don't know whether any of this makes any difference, but I've spent nearly 5 years in CCF (obviously I know this is a mile from the TA, but it does mean I've passed WHTs for the IW and LSW, and know nearly all fieldcraft, I've trained with Regs several times so I know it's the same stuff you do), I play a lot of sport, so I know my fitness won't present any problems. I kind of hoped that these things would stand me in good stead, with these in mind, do either of the two entry options seem better for me? I'm rather confused, I didn't even know any of this stuff about going directly to RCT, I've been through it all with a C/Sgt. at the unit I want to join, so he'd only told me about doing all my training through the unit... I'm suddenly feeling rather a lot more confused...
    The advice so far is much appreciated, cheers guys, Hutchi
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Perhaps that colourman is not the best advisor. Try the wiki and look for the thread in the TA forum by TheBlackShamrock. He is in the know, and tells you the process in detail.