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Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by jmc73, Dec 22, 2005.

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  1. I knew that title would get your attention :)

    Gidday my names Mark and I'm from New Zealand. I'm 17 :)

    I will be joining the army some time next year. As a crewman

    I been thinking about things and Im going to look at joining the british army. Ive always loved the UK, dont know why :lol: The NZDF is up to bugger all.

    So my question is:

    What would be some pros and cons about joining the Brit army instead of the NZ army?? (as a tankey 8) )

    I know you have a bigger chance of going away to fight in the brit army but I think i'm prepared for that.

    Just say anything, if theres anything I need to add just say.

    Cheers in advance :D
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Saw some NZ Naval rates on TV at the gallipoli do, plenty of medals, if the Defence force is up to nothing then how did they get their shinies? Dont tell me still serving from Vietnam days!
  3. You'll actually get a tank for a start. I think the RNZAC only has NZLAV.
  4. You don't have to spend the rest of your life in Waiuru.
  5. Go for it, JMC. The British Army is increasingly recruiting from the Commonwealth and I for one think that's a good thing. We need the blokes, you want the tours. There's nothing at all wrong with the NZ Army (worked with them in Bosnia in '95 and was nothing but impressed - they thrashed us at Rugby), but they do have some very rubbish kit and don't get out too often.
  6. I'm jumping ship me and joining the NZ Army, i'm hoping your lot will treat me like an adult. and their Corps of Signals is off to Hawaii for 3 months on exercise so i'm on for that. Beats Sennelager any fcuking day!
  7. Just be prepared for shed loads of "Billabong, Waltzing Matilda, Damn you're a second rate cricket team, What do you do on Saturday, Sport?" etc etc - if you can live with that geographically challenged bollix, Kiwi, we 've got tanks to "reach out and touch people with". Only hurry, before Dear Leader Tony (blessed be his name) gets shot of them.
    Best of luck
    Staaken (Honorary Kiwi, awarded for vomiting over (London) NZ High Commissioner's carpet, courtesy of 15 cans of Stein Lager)
  8. On Queens cavalry there was a kiwi, he got his own horse and could go for a tank as well. Remember you can always join the NZDF when you have had enough of the Brits.
  9. whats wrong with waiouru?? middle of a desert miles from anywhere, theres alcoholism and wife swapping and... er........ you can have another drink
  10. And its right below an active volcano that is going to blow its top any day now 8O

    Thanks fullas, ive made up my mind I think...........Brit :D
  11. Join the British Arny.

    PM me if it's not a pish take.

    Sluggy xxx
  12. Best thing about Waiouru, apart from the road out, is the Mt Ruhapehu ski area, second best thing is the view from the Officers Mess looking at said mountain - no need to look online for the snow forecast!

    JMC, good choice - do the Brit Army thing for a while at least.
  13. He's probably made his mind up by now...
  14. The British Army is increasingly recruiting from the Commonwealth, soon it will be called the "commonwealth army" and look like a Mercenary force lol
  15. No bad thing recruiting from the Commonwealth. The lads I've met who've been from overseas have all been pretty switched-on, one or two exceptions maybe but hey you get that everywhere.

    Plus we all sing from pretty much the same hymn sheet when it comes to shared values and background, which is all to the good. If we can operate as part of NATO and of EU, as well as various other coalitions, why not with more Commonwealth troops...