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NZ SAS-Award of VC announced


tommy_cooker said:
are the kiwi VC's made from the guns captured at Sevastopol aswell or a different metal?
The VC has been awarded to several New Zealanders. They get the same medal as the rest.

There is only one VC.


Hmmm. Not sure!

However, Captain Charles Upham, a Kiwi, is one of only 3 to ever win the VC and Bar. Link. As also listed on the official VC website.

Maybe the Canadian VC is different, not sure - will have to have a look. But the Kiwi's certainly get the same one as us.


Before all the nitpicking continues, I would just like to add:

A well deserved award for a superhuman piece of valour. Hats off to Cpl Apiata, may the bloke never have to get his wallet out for a drink for the rest of his life. As with all VC holders - one of whom is thankfully returning to UK shores very soon.
As of 1991 there has been the Victoria Cross for Australia and since 1999 the Victoria Cross for New Zealand, although they are physically identical to the British Award.

The Canadian Victoria Cross has the motif "Pro Valore" instead of "For Valour" (so as not to offend francophones) and a representation of the medal is worn on the ribbon when the medal itself is not being worn.

What's notable is about the Kiwi award is that it will be the first awarded under the new system.


crabtastic said:
As of 1991 there has been the Victoria Cross for Australia and since 1999 the Victoria Cross for New Zealand, although they are physically identical to the British Award.
I stand erected. Just curious as to why a new (albeit identical) award though, especially as the VC has been given to NZ soldiers in the past. Haven't found if the same metal is used, but I suspect not.

Separate Commonwealth awards

In recent years, several Commonwealth countries have introduced their own honours systems, separate from the British Honours System. Australia, Canada and New Zealand have each introduced their own decorations for gallantry and bravery, replacing British decorations such as the Military Cross with their own awards. Most Commonwealth countries, however, still recognise some form of the VC as their highest decoration for valour.

Australia was the first Commonwealth nation to create its own VC, on 15 January 1991. Although it is a separate award, its appearance is identical to its British counterpart.

Canada followed suit when in 1993 Queen Elizabeth signed Letters Patent creating the Canadian VC, which is also similar to the British version, except that the legend has been changed from FOR VALOUR to the Latin PRO VALORE.

New Zealand was the third country to create the VC as part of its own honours system. While the New Zealand VC is technically a separate award, the decoration is identical to the British design, including being cast from the same Crimean War gunmetal as the British VC.

The Canadian and Australian awards created are not produced from the gunmetal captured during the Crimean War.

Edited to add: A VC is a VC in my book, and there should only be one 'FOR VALOUR' - Well done Cpl Apiata
Ozduke said:
Good work - shame he had to borrow someone's uniform for the photo!
Looks like his uniform to me, it's got a VC ribbon on it.

Despite 23 years as a regular in the Australian Army, I find the antipathy between the Aust Army and the Kiwi Army very hard to understand. ANZAC Day rarely features any mention of the NZ component of the acronym. But as an ex-Pom I've always had enough to deal with without fighting Kiwis' battles for them!

Well done CPL Apiata, truly humbling.
I certainly have nowt to do with the petty colonial squabbles. I was merely pointing out the fact that he should sack his tailor!

Nice Arrse by the way.

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