NZ officer promotion rates

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by green_slime, Jul 21, 2008.

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  1. I have just received a Provisional offer from the NZ army. It mentions that I will have to start at capt again with 0 senority.

    I cannot find how long I will have to remain at capt before being eligigble to promote, after the courses and recommedations..

    Before anyone thinks I am being necky I already have 5 years senority in the British Army and am an acting SO2 at the momnet, so no spring chicken. The thoughts of 8 years as a capt again is quite annoying, as I have the ability and experience to offer more.

    Can anyone help?
  2. If you have the ability it will no doubt be recognised, the reverse of course is also true.
  3. As you are prepared to go to a place with greener grass as it were, literally and figurativly(spelling), then you might just have to also prepare yourself for the good and in your case the bad. As stated by Pits you'll more than likely be recognised and fast tracked... or eventually end up in the Australian Army as so many Kiwis do. Not meant to be a slight to our 7th State brothers mind. :D
  4. Bollix to that Down Under we turned the offer down in 1902 (Federation) and NZers didn't feel like being lower than a Tasmanian then and the feeling hasn't changed much. We just want Robbie Deans back. :D
    As for Green Slime surely a man with your experience would have had the nous to have a chat with the horses mouth ie your Liaison Officer.
    Sounds like the NZ tax payer is getting a real 'bargain'. :roll:
  5. Pits

    Thanks for that help, as the liaison officer is not of the right capbadge and is not sure, I was trying to find out the info via other routes. This would also help confirm the information.

    As with our illustrious organisation, process controls create hurdles and thus knowing those requirements allows for a more considered decision.

    If you need any help with any other simple concepts do ask.
  6. You've got all the way to an offer and you're still deep in thought? Hmmm slow but sure, eh?
    Ah I see a Staff Officer or some such shiney arsed comfy chair warmer.
    Passed over and off to spread the joy of your skill set to the Colonials?
    Surely a middle management position at ASDA would be more suitable.
  7. If you to wish to offer assistance, I would be grateful for it.

    If not go the NAAFI.

    I have no more time for petty insults or people.