NZ Mosquito warbird gets closer to flight

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Pathfinder Jack, Jan 14, 2012.

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  1. Afternoon all,

    On the other Mossy thread therer was talk of the Mossy in NZ - this week there was news from them.

    When it's airborne, it will be the first flying Mosquito in the world. The plan is for it to be certified in New Zealand before going on display at a special show planned at Ardmore, ahead of its delivery to the US. It will then have to be recertified in the US before it can fly in a show there. The team at Ardmore's AvSpecs has been working on the all-wood World War II de Havilland Mosquito FB 26 KA114 for almost eight years and last month wheeled the warbird outside for a glimpse of the sky its restorers hope it will fly in this year.

    VERY Rare warbird gets closer to flight

    Theres is a video on the article too.



  2. Now that's hardly true. First one recently, or maybe even for a very long time, but not first.

    Well done for getting the Mossie ready to fly again.
  3. I agree. The last flying one crashed about fifteen years ago.
  4. Actually the last flying one is sitting in Kermit Weeks museum in the US. It was flown to there and has hardly moved since. On second thoughts, I think it was loaned to the EAA at Oshkosh. Probably not flyable now due to time on the ground but with work it would be flyable again.
  5. I got buzzed by the last one, at an air show in the Isle of Man. Impressive!

    For a maiden flight why not bomb it up, scoot accross the channel to Paderborn, straff the length of the Western Strasse hang a right at the cathedral and drop a friendly 500 pounder in my mother in law's lap?