NZ Medic thinking of changing to British Army

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by imedic, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. Afternoon guys,

    I'm a qualified medic in the Royal New Zealand Army Medical Corps. Recently I've been thinking about plans for the next few years, mainly whether I want to stay in the NZ army or look at overseas options.

    The main reason for thinking about leaving is that I'm getting bored of all the sitting around.

    While there are chances to go overseas (the three main trips are: Afghanistan, East Timor and the Solomon Islands) the vacancies on them are limited and, to be honest, the trips are pretty quiet.

    One of the Sergeants at work is an ex-British Army medic (20+ years) and recommends changing over if I'm looking to do and see more.

    How easy is it to change over? Can any currently serving UK medics shed some light on what day to day work is like? Decent working conditions? Lots of regimental BS to put up with? Lots of trips and travel?


  2. This isn't taking the pish guys. Would greatly appreciate any input.
  3. Cheers mate.
  4. Don't worry if it take a while for a qualified answer, as you can guess there is none of the 'sitting around' that you object to in the NZ Army. Its all busy, busy, busy with this lot.
  5. No idea who you should get in contact with. You might need to start from scratch again?? Loads of NZ lads spread throughout all of our Armed Forces.
    I enjoy it as a CMT. I've been in 19 years and from what I can see the Corps is improving all the time. Higher pay for most of our ranks, Technician/Paramedic training and for the forseeable future plenty of tours ect... it's what we join up to do.
    Dont know about the accom side of things? MOD has been under immense pressure to sort out Barrack life for returning troops. I live in a private hiring so no complaints from me :)
    I've been to a long list of countries on both Ops and Ex with Adventure trg expeds in Nepal and Mongolia. Skiing in Norway X 3 and Bavaria X 2.
    Also had plenty of shite times. They build your character. When you look back at those shite times, actually it wasn't too bad. Someone is usually worse off than you...
  6. Yeah, it sounds like I may have to do it all again - just received this email.

    Gah, two years down the drain. That said, it wouldn't be too bad doing that stuff again - I quite enjoyed basic and my medical training.

    The other requirements are:

  7. Get it sorted! Good luck :)
  8. Just had another chat with the recruiter - he recommends having at least £1000 per month saved up while my application would be processed. He said they usually take 4-5 months to sort.

    This would mean I'd have to save up £5000 which is roughly $15,000 NZ dollars. That's a pretty big amount of money! (Not that I'm a cheapskate, but that's almost half of what I earn in a year. Can definitely be done but would take a while)

    As for the required sponsorship - I may well be screwed. Not too sure if I know anyone over in the UK.

    Kinda gets me thinking - apparently there's a large amount of Fijian chaps who've joined up. I've been to Fiji and I know that there's not many people there who could afford that amount of money, so how do they do it? And would they all have sponsors?

    The recruiter also mentioned that enlistments for CMTs are being swamped at the moment so will probably take a long time to get processed/accepted.

    It's all starting to look less and less likely...
  9. Maybe post your Qs on one of the other parts of this site... I can't believe that it's gonna be that hard. Don't be put off by a recruiter saying that there'll be a long waiting or it'll be hard to get into. They've got slots to fill (you'll end up as an ODP/QA if you listen to them :roll: )Tell em your not interested in anything else.
    Do you not know any other Kiwis in the UK Armed Forces??

    I'm sure someone will advise you on here... I've no idea ref recruiting sorry :? even less on CW recruiting. Must be a way though, like you said the Fijians manage it.... Keep us/me posted as to how you get on and keep persevering.
  10. We've just had the AMS roadshow and the CMT cadre is still under strength by 800. So im in agreement with Lamster. Ignore your recruiter and maybe call the Army Medical Directorete in Camberley. They would be able to give you best answer.
  11. Also the save £1000 a month sounds like utter b0ll0cks to me, just who is doing the recruiting ? Are we not at War and short of such skilled people?

    imedic, keep us posted on what's happening, certainly your UK accommodation can be sorted and your airfare
  12. Quick update: Have gotten in touch with one of the chaps at the AMD. He's kindly offered to get in touch with some people to point me in the right direction.

    Will post more as things develop.
  13. That's more like it!!