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Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by Bossdog, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. Well after considering it for a year or so myself and the missus would like to emigrate to NZ. I just dont enjoy the way of life here in the UK anymore - too much ratrace and not enough enjoyment of life.

    We have looked at all the NZ websites and forums I can find, but I'd rather hear it straight from those that are in NZ. We haven't contacted NZ House in London yet - I'd rather wait until we have a decent strategy.

    There are a few questions I have and hopefully the power of ARRSE will go some way towards answering the questions....

    I have no trade qualifications or any qualifications above A-Level. I have seen the LTSSL and the STSSL and have nothing to offer on either. I have worked in asset recovery at management level for 2 years since leaving the mob. My partner has a degree in Business management and has 3 years experience as an Ops Manager but this isnt on either list either. We will have £100k behind us.

    What are the chances of getting a work permit? If I got a work permit what are the chances of me being able to change it to a work to residence permit or renew it after the first year? (I worry that we'll sell up here and then we wont be able to stay in NZ).

    Would I be better off waiting a few years to retrain or gain a degree or specialisation in a subject to enhance my chances? Any ideas which subjects? (I had thought Environmental science or Telecommunications?).

    Would employers in NZ jump at the chance of employing an ex-Brit squaddie or would they not be that bothered either way?

    All replies gratefully received.
  2. Cheers mate. I prefer the honest approach. This is why I prefer ARRSE to Google.
  3. i have 2 ex squaddie mates out in NZ ! 1 is a prison officer and the other does computer stuff!! and its the way forward by looking at how they are doing!!

    depends on your military background i suppose! but i think they like ex forces types !!

    also depends on what you are wanting to do when you get there!

    good luck to you !!

    i know i havent given advice but have you considered a forces type role you might like !? police,fire brigade,prison service etc etc!
  4. Recession aside, its still ok. 100k will help get you into a good home (outside Auckland). Just make sure that you and the other half are healthly, we are trying to reduce the hospital bills. If you are are asian, welcome with your TB and smoking habit. Look at living in the South Island if you can find jobs before hand.
  5. Those articles sound a bit scaremonger-ish to me. Recession or no, people will be emigrating to NZ. They won't stop you entering the country without a job lined up - sounds as though they chanced it and not sorted out their visas properly before arriving.

    Regarding your situations, the immigration points system will give you points for a degree, but you also get points for age - how many will you gain for a degree vs the ones you will lose for being 3 or so years older? I would check it out to see how many points you need and how many you have. You also get points for bringing money into the country, and for having a job lined up.
  6. Bossdog. I spent 5 months in NZ and i have to admit, it's one of the best places in the world. I travelled all over both islands. I fecking loved it. I'm glad i've got relatives out there that i can go and "visit". Good luck on your quest mate.
  7. The recession has hit hard here, as it has elsewhere. Unemployment is up, and a number of employers appear to be hunkering down.

    I'm a New Zealander, but lived outside NZ for close to decade, getting qualifications and so on. When my wife and I got back to NZ, we found our non-NZ experience and quals were looked on with some suspicion, and it took both of us longer to find jobs than expected. My brother-in-law, who is British, also found the same thing, with his UK IT quals not well-regarded.

    I'd suggest sorting out a permanent job first, then doing the work visa. There have reports in the media recently of people getting work visas, getting temporary jobs and then not being able to convert work into residents' visas.

    Happy to chat via PM if you want to talk this through further.
  8. We've been here a year, even Brit Mil quals are looked down on, yet we have gained more operational experience in a month than the NZ army has done in 40 years.
    The recession is hitting hard and some Ex-Pat websites have highlighted a degree of protectionism from the Immigration dept with the non-renewal of work visas despite employers wishes. I think may prove enlightening. However don't be discouraged, this place is fantastic (awesome!) and if you ignore the arrogant assumption inherit in a small nation with (it feels) lots to prove you'll really enjoy the lifestyle, alternatively you could adopt a Paternalistic attitude and seek to reduce the population by way of apoplexy.