NZ bloke killed by falling sign.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Didosdadsdogsdead, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. Freak accident kills Kiwi in London - Yahoo! New Zealand

    A New Zealand man has been killed by a falling betting shop sign in London.
    The unnamed Kiwi man, thought to be in his 20s, was hit on the head by a metal sign which fell from a William Hill betting shop on Camden Road, Camden Town on Monday around 5pm.
    The 9m-long sign fell from the shop front onto the pavement striking the pedestrian.
    He suffered a cardiac arrest and was treated at the scene before being taken to University College Hospital where he died a short time later, a Scotland Yard spokesman said.

    Wonder what the odds of that happening are ?.
  2. Wow, killed by a falling sign from a William Hill shop!

    What are the odds on that?
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  3. 2 fatalities involving bookies shops in less than a week? BAN THEM!!!
  4. HHH

    HHH LE

    As it was a bookie's sign his heart decided to have a bit of a flutter!

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  5. I'll smash you across the grid with a fucking Tesco sign and see how your ticker gets on, shall I!?

    I was expecting something closer to 'suffering from a squashed swede...'

    Its not as if he could have popped his clogs from brain damage though, he was a Kiwi after all ;-)
  6. He had a "cardiac arrest" i.e. his heart stopped beating, a quite common phenomenon where death is concerned I think you'll find!

    The coroners report might be able to shed more light!
  7. Did somebody say the 'S' word ?.
  8. I suppose it was to much to ask that it was a 'Danger: Falling Objects' sign.
  9. Maybe we're returning to the good old days when people were killed by things falling on them like anvils or pianos. Those were the days. My great grandfather was killed by dropping into a manhole while trying to avoid a falling bedframe.
  10. Good point. Can we also look forward to fire engines going round corners, trailing a human chain of firemen behind them?

    Or will they all be on strike?
  11. Or getting squashed by trams.

    My Grand-dad smoked 60 Players King-sized a day and lived through two World Wars, getting torpedoed nine times - Jonah, his mates called him - and died aged 83 when he stepped off the kerb and got squashed by a tram.

    Halcyon days, they were.
  12. Sign of the times.
  13. Indeed. The deaths were also accompanied by someone playing the piano quickly in a black and white stylee.

    There was a rumour that my great uncle Thomas was killed by a tram. Turns out it was an Omnibus. Oh the shame.